School Newsletter

Another busy week at CVPS with plenty going on. Sports have featured highly as we welcomed external rugby trainer Bear who is always popular with the children. There was also pilates facilitated by an expert – something for everyone! Class teachers also have a range of experiences that they share with the children – highlighting tricky gymnastics across year groups.

And some of the children have started to receive their forest school hoodies as you can see from Y5 modelling them in the photo below! Y1 are engrossed in whole class lessons in mathematics. and forest school took place on Thursday with traces of snow left from the morning flurry!


Congratulations to Gam, Moy, Netnapa and David!

We were delighted to hear that Gam, Moy and their Mum were formally accepted into British citizenship this week, as you can see from the photo below. The family met with the mayor as part of a ceremony to officially welcome them into the UK. It has been a lengthy process of interviews, payments and references over the past few weeks and they are now officially registered as British Citizens after arriving in the UK over four years ago. All the hard work and effort learning the language, finding work and integrating fully into school life, and the Cramlington community has finally been recognised. Our school has been enriched by both girls, who have been able to share some of their Thai culture with the school, taught their classes all about Thai language, food, and traditional dress, as well as shared some of their experiences of the occasional trips they have made back to Thailand. If you get a chance remember to congratulate them on the accolade of citizenship that they are all so rightly proud of!

Ashleigh’s outdoor ideas…

Thank you for the lovely pictures and facts that you have sent in all about birds. Please can you walk around your local area looking for signs of birds in the cold weather. This could be nests, feathers or tracks. If you could send in your pictures or put them on facebook that would be great!

Safe To Learn

Did you know that we have three designated leaders of safeguarding and child protection at our school? Debbie Wylie, Amanda Milligan and Lisa Brown oversee safeguarding practice which ranges from health and safety and risk assessments to safe recruitment and developing stranger danger understanding in the children. We intend to create a weekly slot in the newsletter to share ideas relating to strengthening the safety of our children. Please let us know if you ever have any concerns about anything relating to keeping our children safe.

Pigs and chickens…

Our pigs and chickens bring lots of joy to the children, as well as experience of caring for animals and learning how to be responsible.

It would be great for anyone interested in supporting the pigs and chickens weekend and holiday teams to let any of the staff know as they are looking for one or two more families to help out. Let Allison Morton (Y3) or Debbie Thompson (Y5) know if you want to find out more. (Or the school office if you get stuck finding them!)

Attendance and Punctuality

Homework returns

Well done to Y6 this week for excellent attendance AND excellent homework returns… again!

Welcome to nursery!

This term we welcome 8 new children to our nursery and we now have all remaining places reserved fully until September 2019. Please put your name down on the waiting list if you have not yet registered as we are getting busy. While Little Angels is separate entity from the school, they have some nursery places still available at the moment.

Robinwood for Y4

Letters went out this week to inform families about the plans for the residential trip to Robinwood. Please make use of the weekly instalment payments if you struggle to pay for the trip all in one go. Year 5 plans for London and Y6 to Paris will be happening in the summer term too, both trips highly subsidised by the school, and coming in below £200 for those wishing to budget accordingly. Children who have attended these in the past have developed memories that are treasured for a life time and we were delighted last year to welcome every member of the year 6 class on our trip to Disneyland and Paris.

Uniform reminders

Please check the school uniform policy available on the website. Some children have been coming to school with hair styles and clothing which is not suitable, nor in line with school policy. I will ask for yet another policy document to be emailed out to everyone on our list. Mohican hair styles, coloured, or shaven hair is not appropriate in school, which is expected at high schools too. We ask that parents refrain from putting their children into a compromising position by not following school policy. Children in all year groups will be spoken to in age appropriate ways if they do not follow school policy, as a matter of ensuring fairness for everyone and being seen to be fair.

Achievement awards

Dates for your diary