About Us

We aim to help children realise and achieve their fullest potential through individualised planning, which is based on their interests and prior achievements. We believe that every child can be successful and we enable them to learn through first-hand and predominantly practical experiences. It's only when a child is fully engaged in their learning that they will achieve the best educational outcomes.

At CVPS we promote life skills through inspirational teaching and learning experiences, making a positive difference to all children. By creating a safe and stimulating environment, we build children’s confidence to become independent learners. We think it’s important to instill a sense of respect and kindness between all children and adults so that they can work cooperatively, and we support children to look for the best in themselves and others.

At school we work hard to ensure that all children’s needs are met through a diverse and inclusive curriculum regardless of their gender, ability or cultural background. But we also work with parents to create a strong partnership, acknowledging the important role parents and carers have as the child’s first and most enduring educators.

Our vision is that all children will go on to lead happy, successful and fulfilled lives as a result of their time with us. We work hard to encourage the children to think big about what possibilities lie ahead for them.

This will always mean children trying their hardest, thriving while working towards, and achieving their personal goals, and developing social skills that show mutual respect for their peers and for adults.

Self confidence, high self-esteem and strong independence are encouraged from children’s experience in Early Years right through to their time in Year 6. They are encouraged to assume responsibilities in school and to direct the learning opportunities they receive both as individuals, as classes, and as a school body.

We also want our staff team to achieve their potential, in an atmosphere of encouragement alongside structured opportunities for training and development. This ensures that they remain child-centred, passionate about their roles and excited by where they can take children’s learning.