Admissions for a Reception place at Cramlington Village Primary School for September 2023 will open in November 2022 and close in January 2023. Please contact the school office if you are interested in a place for Reception to start in September 2023 and ask to speak to the School Office. We are offering visits to school outside of normal school hours. The School Office will be happy to answer your questions and discuss the learning experiences your child could enjoy at our school. Once the admissions process is closed in January 2023, please contact the school office on 01670 735 177 or the Admission Team at Northumberland County Council on 01670 623 560.

If you are interested in a Nursery place at Cramlington Village Primary School please contact the School Office on 01670 735 177.
The Admissions Policy has been compiled to comply with The School Admissions Code 2021.

How many places will the school offer?

CVPS admits a maximum of 30 Reception children in each academic year. There are 26 nursery places available.

What if I have already accepted a place at another primary school?

If you have already accepted a place at another primary school you can still apply for a place at Cramlington Village Primary School if one is available.

What is the rationale behind our admissions process?

Our admissions process is based on three key principles:

Our distinctive ethos

We believe we offer something different in Cramlington and we want to encourage applications from parents and children who understand and believe in this ethos. However we also recognize that for some our ethos may not reflect their opinions on how school should be delivered.

Attracting diversity

We want to create a school with a rich diversity in its children, reflecting the variety of different cultures within the town. We want to prioritise places for children who are eligible for free school meals, to prioritise those with social or medical needs, special educational needs, as well as to attract children who don’t have such needs. We have been very sensitive to minimize impact on local schools and will offer a 10-mile catchment area to support that.

Community and partnership

CVPS will work hard, as it has done throughout consultation, to build strong partnerships with the Cramlington community. A focus will necessarily be on the community on the east side of the town, where we are based to whom we will offer a range of events and opportunities to use our building. However, there has necessarily been a trade off between the possibility of us offering places within the local geographical catchment, and minimising impact on local schools.

How will places be allocated?

The school is open to anyone and is non-selective.

  • Cramlington Village Primary School (CVPS) has an agreed admission number of 30 pupils per year
  • Responsibility for the admissions of pupils rests with the Governing Body of the school
  • All applications for places at CVPS will be considered in accordance with the arrangements set out in our admissions policy

Can we still apply for places after the start of the school year?

Applications for vacancies that arise outside the normal annual admission round for Reception class intakes will be considered at any time during the year. Information and application forms may be obtained from the school. Where there is more than one application for a vacant place, the offer of a place will be determined in accordance with the listed oversubscription criteria above. Spare places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, once formal applications have taken place in April.