Cramlington Village Primary School is funded by the Department for Education and as such is required to have policy documentation readily available to parents and published on our website. All the required policy documents are listed below. There are other policies and written documents which from time to time you can request to look at should you need to. One example of these is the risk assessments that are completed for all our learning expeditions and are made available to parents prior to learning expeditions taking place.

Our policies

Click the links below to read more information about each of our policies:

Accessibility Policy 2022
Accident & First Aid Policy
2022Admissions Policy 2023/24
Anti Bullying Policy 2022
Assessment for Learning Policy
Attendance Policy 2022
Behaviour Policy 2022
Charging & Remissions Policy 2022
Child Protection Policy 2022
Collective Worship policy 2022
Complaints Policy 2022
Confidentiality Policy 2022
Data Protection Policy 2022
Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Policy 2022
Equality Policy 2022
Freedom of Information Policy
Home School Agreement 2022
ICT Policy (including acceptable use) 2022
Intimate Care Policy  2022
Lettings Policy 2022
Managing Serial & Unreasonable Complaints Policy 2022
ECT Induction Policy
Nursery Admission Policy 2022/23
Privacy Notice for Pupils 2022
Privacy Policy for Staff 2022
Privacy Policy for Parents 2022
Privacy Policy for Trustees and Volunteers 2022
Relationships and Sex Education Policy 2022
Remote Learning Policy 2022
School Uniform Policy
SEND and Inclusion Policy 2022
SEND Information Report 2022
Supporting Children with Medical Conditions and Managing Medicines in School Policy 2022
Use of Reasonable Force July 2022
Whistleblowing Policy