Dinosaurs, special work and a class assembly highlight this week.

Year 1 visited the Hancock museum this week to learn all about dinosaurs and palaeontology. As always they behaved brilliantly and they were full of news about their learning that included: examining different fossils, trying out different dinosaur body parts, having triceratops horns or pteranodon wings, using special explorer bags to become palaeontologists, looking at different dinosaur habitats and learning that some dinosaurs had feathers. They even saw fossilised dinosaur poo! Yuk!

Our Year 2 children have been working hard to prepare for their end of key stage assessments that we call special work. The ‘special work’ is due to take place on Monday and Tuesdays over the next two weeks. As you will all know from your individual meetings this year, we try to ensure that we minimise any worries about these assessments by creating an environment where the children are positive about the work so they can put their best foot forward and show what they have learned.

Thank you so much for all the donations of Sainsbury’s vouchers. We now have 3775 that have been painstakingly counted by our wonderful school council! Top of the list of ideas from them at the moment are goal posts and electric weighing scales!!

PTA Invitation Monday 15th May at 7.30pm

Responding to parental requests for evening meetings, we are hosting our first evening meeting for the PTA on Monday the 15th May at 7.30pm at school. Bring along ideas for the summer fair and any other fundraising ideas you might have. If you can just offer time and don’t have as many ideas come along too as your help will be just as valuable. You will have heard the national publicity about the challenges for school budgets and we are keen to increase capacity in the team to be able to continue the excellent work of those already involved!

Forthcoming class assemblies:

  • Y4 Friday 16th May 8.40am

School gates and safety

For a trial period this half term the side pedestrian gate adjacent to the school car park will be closed. This is to strengthen school safety when staff and deliveries arrive at school first thing in the morning and after the end of the school day. It will also allow better driver visibility when the children are crossing to access Little Angels prior to 8.20 and after 4pm.

Attendance and Punctuality

YR 98%
Y1/2 100%
Y2 98%
Y3 97%
Y4 100%
Y5 99%

Congratulations to Y1/2 and Y4 who win extra playtime this week!

Homework in KS2

We believe that our school provides exceptionally strong learning opportunities for children to learn in a variety of stimulating and inspiring ways. From learning expeditions, the immersive room, outdoor learning, focused interventions, to the perfectly pitched reading groups, with carefully differentiated and carefully monitored teaching.

As children move into KS2 (Years 3 upwards) there is an increased expectation that children become more independent in their learning and that they take more ownership over it. This helps them to develop life long learning skills, as well as a sense of responsibility and duty which are used in the workplace as well as in family life. Consequences are already given to children who do not complete their homework by Wednesdays. From now on as Principal I will also be following up on those children who do not bring in their written homework and who do not complete their Mathletics. Homework at school is not optional and staff put a lot of thought and consideration into marking as well as giving a variety of different experiences to extend learning at home. It benefits all children to complete their homework.

Please support your child to achieve good homework habits if possible by:

  • doing homework at a regular time each week
  • doing homework in a quiet space without TV or technology distractions
  • Correct equipment such as pencils and pens
  • Let your class teacher know if you wish to discuss homework habits and how to support them to take place more easily at home.

    Achievements this week

    Early Years Golden Book Year 1/Year 2 Golden book Year 2 Golden book Year 3 Golden book Year 4 Golden book Year 5 Golden book
    Jacob Edington Finley Hill Max Edington Jessica Vose Tyler Dickinson Connor Duggan
    Star Handwriter Star Handwriter Star Handwriter Star Handwriter Star Handwriter Star Handwriter
    Zara Wallace Katherine Doris Jake Taws-Bertram Morgan Lumsdon Finlay Jackson Manon Bouillon

    Diary Dates

    Date Event
    Mon 8th May 5pm Trustee meeting
    2nd – 26th May Year 2 sit standard assessments throughout May – early bedtimes if you can!
    Weds 9th-Fri 11th May Y4 on residential to Robinwood returning at 4.30pm Friday
    Thurs 11th May 5pm Governor Education Committee meeting
    Fri 19th May Y4 class assembly
    10th – 12th May Year 4 Robinwood residential
    Monday 15th May Finance and HR governor meeting 5.30pm
    Monday 15th May 7.30pm Evening PTA meeting
    Fri 26th May School breaks up for half term
    Monday 12th June School returns for summer 2
    12th to Fri 16th June Year 1 and Year 2 phonic screener checks take place all week
    Tuesday 4th July EYFS and KS1 sports day am, KS2 sports day pm
    Thursday 6th July Reserve EYFS and KS1 sports day am in case of bad weather. Reserve KS2 sports day pm in case of bad weather
    Friday 7th July School reports issued
    Weds 12th July Parent consultations with end of year statutory results shared
    Saturday 15th July CVPS Summer Fair 10-1pm
    Friday 21st July Last day in current classes
    Monday 24th July First day in new classes
    2nd August Last day of term for children – Happy Holidays!
    3rd August Teacher training day
    6th September School returns after the school holidays