School Newseltter

Early years visit Hartford Court and we are already half way through our first half term!

This week we were delighted to embark on a new initiative where our reception children visit some of the senior members of our community at Hartford Court Care Home. This was hugely successful and a real tear jerker to see the wonderful interactions that took place! The children have never stopped talking about it ever since!

Y4 have been enjoying learning how to play the pocket trumpet with a visiting music specialist and writing in class with classical music playing on headphones! One little girl sat with me at lunch and declared unprompted “My favourite topic is coal mining!” Only the staff at CVPS could enthuse and inspire our children about coal mining!


Families from 8.15 at the front of school.

Y1 and Y2 invited Ray Derrick in to share the story about his grandfather. The children have been researching stories from the past history of Cramlington. Did you know that the Flying Scotsman was derailed by a group of miners who looked to feed their families during the great depression? This resulted in Ray’s grandfather stealing the track so that the train derailed. A story which has captivated the children was made into a song by Ray that he played to the children with his guitar this week. Y2 followed this up with a mock protest of their own as you can see from the photo above!

Sports galore!

This year, with all year groups filled up throughout school, we have bought into the Cramlington School Sports Partnership. Two activities have taken place this week: all classes got to experience Hoopstarz. It was lovely to hear such positive feedback about the children’s behaviour and attention to instructions from the instructor. We look forward to seeing their hula hoop skills develop more as some practise at home with the hoops they bought on the day. Then on Wednesday children from years 4, 5 and 6 experienced a dance session and those who showed specific potential were chosen to attend rehearsals at Cramlington Learning Village. Again we received compliments as a school for the focus and concentration our children offered these visitors. We are exceptionally proud of our children who are amazing ambassadors for the CVPS ethos wherever they go, and whatever they do!

Goodbye Cheryl

Our Business Manager, Cheryl Dixon, leaves CVPS in two weeks (Friday 13th!) to take up a new accountancy role in Newcastle. Cheryl has fulfilled an excellent role and kept meticulous accounts during the past year that she has been with us. We are delighted that Angela Hall, who has previously worked at CVPS, is able to take the Business Manager role with immediate effect to ensure a positive handover. We wish Cheryl well in her new role – good luck Cheryl!

Achievements this week


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