School Newsletter

Countdown to the end of a challenging year

This week we’ve started the end of year assessment tests that take place annually when we look at what learning has been strongest for the children. It’s not the only measure of our children’s success but it is important to be able to show what worked well with our teaching. We find out whether there are any gaps left and then put things in place next year to work on closing those gaps. And it’s a great chance for us to celebrate progress made by the children with them too.

We have completed these assessments as late in the year as possible so you will be given the feedback about them when you have your parent consultations. These will confirm whether the children are working below, above or at age related expectations. We always work positively with this information with the children and use it as an opportunity to boost self esteem. We know the lockdowns have left us with lots to do as a staff team to regain the momentum we had prior to Covid.

The children have all tried hard so you may have noticed them coming home a little bit more tired than usual!


Covid Update

We are conscious that Covid rates are starting to rise this week and we have had to cope with both staff and children having to isolate.

At the moment the law has not changed about isolation periods. If your child is asked to isolate, it is a legal requirement for them to stay at home for the duration of the isolation period. The rest of the family can continue to go about business as usual unless the isolating child develops symptoms. Then the whole family must isolate until they receive a negative PCR test from the walk in test centres. If you have been asked to isolate you are allowed to leave home to be tested or to go to hospital if you are unwell but only for those reasons.

I appreciate that this is challenging for some families, but it has been a really effective way for us to minimise the disruption of closing off whole class bubbles. We have been informed of a number of positive test results in children, who have contracted the virus AFTER being asked to isolate (usually from a family member at home). This means that the rest of the class is not put at risk, allowing them to continue ‘as normal’.

As we hear and read in the media that there have been a lot of discussion about the merits of isolating, but until the DfE guidance documents change we must all continue to follow these legal requirements. These are national laws not policies created by CVPS or by me! Thank you so much to those of you who share the responsibility for our school community so well by following school feedback about testing and isolating.

Reports next week

Following our rigorous quality assurance process, your child’s school report will be sent out on email by Friday the 9th July. This will be different days for different children so please be patient! All classes will have received their full report for the year by the end of the week. Please check your emails!

London 2021

Y5/6 are taking their annual learning expedition to London next week from Tuesday to Thursday and I will be accompanying the children to support any Covid scenarios.

While I am away Melissa Costello as our Vice Principal will lead school in my absence on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Plans for transition to new classes

We have included a short pen portrait of your child’s new class teacher that will be sent out with their reports next week. This will give you an insight into their plans for the year.

Appointment of new Vice Principal

We are delighted to share with you that we have appointed our new Vice Principal Paul Leedham who will work alongside Melissa Costello. Paul moves to us as a senior leader from Burnside Primary School where he has led Y6 for a number of years. He is looking forward to joining the school and his role will involve a class teaching commitment, which he actively sought to continue, demonstrating his enthusiasm for working directly with children. Paul

writes “I am delighted that outdoor education is such an important part of the CVPS offer and can not wait to get involved with the forest school. I myself have been given so many opportunities through outdoor interests with the Scouting and Guiding associations as a young person and a leader.” Paul has undertaken the lead role in Mathematics at Burnside for a number of years which he will continue at CVPS. He is brimming with enthusiasm and energy which will be a hit with our lively pupils at CVPS!

Sports activity afternoons

During our last week of term, as promised we are planning an afternoon of sporting activities to which one adult from each child’s family can attend in line with government guidance.

Please check the dates below on our diary list if you wish to attend. We are only able to allow one adult per child to attend this event which will be held outdoors, subject to fair weather.

Achievement Awards

Kindness Champions – Tilly Merrett

Swimmer of the week – Miles Straker

Children achieving gold this week – YR – Logan Singer and Millie Mitchinson

Footballers of the week – Leonardo Trevisan and Louis Archbold

Ashleigh’s outdoor idea

For our sunflower competition I would like you to take a picture of your sunflower (with you in the photograph) and measure it. Submit your entry onto your class Facebook page or to your class teacher and then we will announce the winner next week. Good luck!

Dates for your Diary