School Newsletter

Welcome everyone to the new academic year!

The children were all very excited and a little bit nervous about starting in their new classes this week. Monday was a bit of an experiment for them and their class teachers, but by Wednesday there was definitely a routine and they started to get to know one another. It’s been lovely hearing the quizzes and games they’ve been playing as they have become engaged in the transition week theme of sporting activities.

Already this week the children have voted for new school council leaders and have devised new class rules with their class teachers. They have continued with lots of their usual routines such as phonics groups and morning timetable and they’ve already started to charm the new staff they are working with.

Y1 were wowed by rugby coaches from Newcastle Falcons on Monday afternoon as they were taught the key components of Tag Rugby. And we are delighted to have booked Newcastle Eagles who are visiting Y6 to coach them for Basketball.

Covid Update

Our new risk assessment has been completed in consultation with the staff team. Key aspects for families to be aware of are as follows:

  • – Children are expected to return to full uniform including black school shoes not trainers (see guidance later in the newsletter)
  • – PE kit is needed for Y1-Y6
  • – Current drop off and collection arrangements will continue as they are currently – please try to be respectful about where and how you park
  • – Children will be able to mix with one other class at playtimes – to improve socialisation opportunities
  • – Children will be able to continue to work in other classes – but socially distanced within their usual class as much as possible, for phonics input for example
  • – Lunchtimes will continue to be in the hall
  • – Virtual parent consultations will continue into next academic year

We will continue to exclude any child who presents with Covid symptoms but bubble closures will cease after 16th August in line with new government guidance – thank you to those who have been so mindful of doing everything possible to keep our bubbles open. We really appreciate your support.

Robinwood adventures

Y5 had a really successful time at Robinwood this week as they enjoyed an adventure-packed three days. They were all hugely courageous at trying out the activities on offer. They were rightly proud of themselves today as they shared verbally with the whole class what they felt they had achieved that they hadn’t expected.

We are so grateful to all the families for releasing the children to attend as these events and activities really create life long memories as a class that really help to cement their friendships. A special thank you to the staff who accompanied them for taking time away from home too and for all the organisation that goes into these things. With Covid on top of the normal it’s no mean feat being ‘in loco parentis’ for all the class.


Music next term

As a whole school ‘What’s our musical story?’ is being planned this week and next. We plan to ask the children to share some of their interests and to research their family skills and interests about music during the summer break. At the moment we are talking about a music festival launching in September so we’ll update you a bit more about the ‘shape’ of this next week.

News Post Leader story

Well done once again to Angela, our Marketing and Administration Manager who has once again secured some publicity in the News Post Leader for our innovative curriculum visit to Turner’s Fairground. Check out this link if you want to see the story and wonderful photos. Thank you

We were really grateful for the children’s many cards and gifts that were given to us at the end of their time in last year’s classes last week. The kind words and thoughtful gifts are never expected, but we are really grateful. We love our role in school as teachers and support staff for your children, and love the difference we make. It’s an absolute privilege. But it’s made extra special when recognised by those we seek to serve. As I shared with the Y6 leavers – we are really proud to work as a team with all our families – to get the happiest children with the best results it really is teamwork between home, school and the children!

September 2021 school timings

Training day Weds 1st September 2021.

Please note that the first day of term (Weds 1st September this year) is always used as a training day to review our child protection policy and procedures. This year staff are also receiving some top up fire training for forest school!
The children return to school on Thursday the 2nd September at 8.30 for year 1 to 6 and 8.45am for reception.

Uniform guidance

Copies of the school uniform were shared a few weeks ago by email is also available from the school website on

I’ve pasted an excerpt with the key aspects highlighted below. Those entitled to free school meals have been offered vouchers this summer to support uniform purchases. We will be reinstating a focus on the usual high standards of expectation for uniform that existed prior to lockdown so please support this as an important part of the school approach to the sense of community we encourage. PE kits for all children with named items have been welcomed as a next step for us moving back to ‘normal’.


The shoes children wear should be sensible for learning and playtimes, so strapless shoes, flip flops, enclosed at the toes or heels, sandals and shoes with high heels are not allowed. Children should be able to fasten their own shoes. Boots should be plain black, without motifs, tassels, characters or different coloured piping. They should be able to put them on and take them off independently! (so no laces unless they can do them or learn to do them at home – teaching 30 young children to do laces when getting changed for PE is impossible!)


Achievement Awards

Kindness Champion – Lyla Ives

Ashleigh’s outdoor idea

I would like you to go on a walk with your family. This could be in the woods, at the beach or around your local area. I would like you to use a grown ups phone or watch (with permission) to track your distance in metres and work out how many steps you have taken. It would be lovely to hear all about it.

And finally…

We are delighted to be able to share a lovely photo of the latest addition to the CVPS extended family! A very warm welcome to Jacob, a new brother for Joseph, now in Y4 and a great reminder that there is still lots to be pleased about in the world!

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