School Newsletter

Fabulous Fitness for Y5

Since starting Y5 the children have been trialling Moki Fitness Bands throughout their school day to track their active minutes and steps. We have been aiming for 10000 steps a day in the Daily Mile, PE lessons and during Forest School and playtimes. Individual children scan in their results at the end of each day and then analyse the data and look for patterns and trends. These bands have been a huge success to encourage physical activity throughout the day. We are grateful to the Sports Premium funding allowing us to focus on innovative ways to improve children’s fitness. Next on the list to receive these bands in school is Y6!


Covid Update

We now have a number of confirmed Covid cases in Y4, Y5 and Y6 at school.
Please do NOT bring your children to school with the following symptoms:

• A new persistent cough
• A high temperature
• A headach

Delta variant also presents with:

• Sore throat
• Runny nose
• Sneezing

If your child has ANY of the above symptoms they are required to take a PCR test from the Drive In Test Centre, booked online. For families without access to a vehicle, please let school know as we have a very small number of postal PCR tests in school.

PE Kits needed in school

Our PE Coordinator Nicole Weatheritt has asked that families from Y1 to Y6 are gently reminded about sending a full school PE kit to allow children to take part in PE and physical activities in school. School funds can be made available for families who have financial difficulty with this. Examples are in the uniform policy sent out during transition weeks.

Cycle safety

Children who are travelling to and from school on bicycles or scooters then please ensure that they have a helmet – particularly in Y5 and Y6 when they come to school on their own. We will allow a grace period until the end of September for families to purchase helmets if you don’t already have them, but thereafter children will only be able to park their bikes at school if they wear a helmet.

Forest school finds

Children in KS2 forest school found a myriad of interesting creatures, including newts in the pond area and an amazing egg-carrying spider. With the young chickens out and about, and dear old Brownie stealing the show it was a real day of discovery on Wednesday this week. With map reading work, knot tying, compost learning, fire lay learning and creature finding, there was lots of learning outside. CVPS LOVES FOREST SCHOOL!

Judaism in Y4 – the story of Moses…

Y4 have been looking at some of the origins of Judaism as part of their learning in Religious Education sessions this week. They created their own Torahs, and practised a bit of Hebrew writing as well as deciding on a Y4 rule on their Torah.

Y6 High School Applications

Please remember that the deadline for you to apply to high school in Y6 is 31st October. You must all apply to high school. There are no automatic feeder schools and where you live determines where your catchment school’ is.

Paul’s Outdoor Idea

This week I would like you to create an animal using leaves collected in your garden or local area. It can be a real animal or an imaginary one. As well leaves you may need some pens, card or paper, googly eyes, glue and scissors.
Please post pictures of your creations on your class Facebook page, I can’t wait to see them!

Achievement Awards

Kindness Champion – Tilly Merrett

Swimmer of the week – Kieran Leck

Children achieving gold this weekY1 – Jaxon Gunnell and Sofia Athenian, Y3 – Lacey Fender, Y4 -Aysha

Kaur and Mohammad Al Haj Moussa, Y5 – Emily Morgan, Y6 – Ben Drake, Isabelle Aitchison, Leo Trevisan

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