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Merry Christmas everyone!

The evening carol service completed our school community celebrations for Christmas after a successful and busy 2017. There was a great turnout to this newly created event. We heard and joined in with some beautiful singing, and as a thank-you to the children and their families, the evening concluded with Mars Bar cake and freshly baked shortbread – courtesy of our wonderful Chef Lynn. The staff especially valued being able to catch up with parents, past and present, and we’re excited to add this event to our usual calendar of Christmas activities.

2017 has been a year during which the school has celebrated: our fifth birthday, with classes now all the way from Reception to Year 6; exceptional results from achievements benchmarked to national figures; the installation of a new yurt; a full replacement of our roof and heating system; the launch of a new planning system praised by others in the teaching community and celebrated by children; hugely positive feedback from our assisted review by inspectors from North Tyneside; a strengthening of our staff team with new senior leaders in school pioneering new initiatives for the new academic year; parents reporting to us their children’s excitement about learning; parents of children transferring to us from other schools reporting transformations in their children’s enjoyment of school.

What a busy old year! We are looking forward to further developments in 2018 as we continue our work on a new Maths Mastery programme, and the development of stronger partnerships with more targeted parent workshops.

Welcome to Louise Jones, our new Y1/Y2 teacher!

We have appointed an experienced Year 2 teacher to cover Ashleigh Galloway when she goes on maternity leave in the new year. Ashleigh will work with Louise during the first two weeks of January to ensure a smooth and positive handover. Louise has strong Y2 experience that she showcased to us at interview this week. She has moved to the north east from a successful academy in Leicester. Year 6 welcomes Jenna Tudor and Gemma Mason across the week in the new year and Louise Tweddle, who has joined us from an agency, will be supporting Y4 for parts of the week in the new year.

Congratulations to Debbie Thompson

Debbie Thompson gave birth to a baby boy this week. Jacob John Ray was born on Saturday December 16th weighing a healthy 7lb 8oz. We wish Jacob and Debbie well and look forward to seeing them both in 2018.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YR 99%(5) Y1 99%(1)
  • Y1/2 97%(2) Y3 94%(5)
  • Y4 95%(1) Y5 100%(1)
  • Y6 98%(4)

Congratulations to Y5 this week who win extra playtime.

Attendance and punctuality

A huge thank you to parents who have supported the school’s stance on punctuality this term. It has improved dramatically and we really appreciate the extra effort that has gone into pupils getting into school on time every day. In line with the school’s attendance policy document, letters are sent to parents at the end of every half-term for those children who have a cumulative attendance record which is below the government figure of 90%, and for those who are close to 90%. Our Education Welfare Officer, Dawn Westerby, has been in school regularly this term to clarify with parents any issues relating to the school policy. She also reinforces the standardised approaches that relate to all
schools in Northumberland. This week we have lots of pupils who have achieved 100% attendance this term. They will get their certificates presented to them at the start of the new year in January;

Nursery: Carter Merrett; Reception; Joseph Clasper, Maddison Dickinson, Megan Finlay, Jessica Gorton, Amelia Nicholson, Year 1; Antonio Atzeni, Daniel Culyer, Jacob Edington, James Forster, Rosie Gillespie, Lucy Manson, Mason Mills-Short, Emily Morgan, Anna Shanley, Eeva Tudor, Charlotte Vaughan, Jay Wells, Year 2; Benjamin Drake, Sieannah Henderson, Nathan Manson, Mia Morrow, Elizabeth Rutherford, Year 3; Daniel Brogan, Brooke Cunningham, James Drake, Max Edington, Niamh Gordon, Samuel Gorton, Leo Haroune, Finley Hill, Connor Mitchell, Lulu Usher, Ethan Vaughan; Year 4; Hollie Brown, Kayden Dickinson, Annabelle Howlett, Courtney Lewis, Isabella Ward; Year 5; Thomas Brogan, Jasmine Daykin, Ryan Daykin, Tyler Dickinson, Corey Hooper, Finlay Jackson, Maicey Jones, Ryan Metcalfe, Darcey Moy-Atkinson; Year 6; Jacob Clark, Eve Hitchens, Moy Khamwattana, Alexander Rutherford, Maisie Tobin.

Party fun

Children across school have enjoyed their Christmas parties and disco this week as part of their end of term celebrations.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We have reached the end of an exciting term, after a very exciting year. We hope that all our families enjoy time together over Christmas when they can rest, relax and enjoy festivities together. We thank you once again for all your support this term, and we look forward to the privilege of continuing on your children’s journey of learning in 2018!

Achievements this week


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