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More music for Y5/6, in Edinburgh this time!

After 18 months of restrictions we have missed the usual inspiration from the engaging learning expeditions we have enjoyed previously. So it was with great excitement that we took the Y5/Y6 children away to Edinburgh. We visited the National Museum (‘This is incredible!’) followed by a theatre visit to see a live performance of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite by the Scottish National Ballet. ‘Magical, phenomenal
and spectacular!’ were the words the children used to describe the full sensory experience it offered. To be able to see and hear a live orchestra is a fantastic experience with the different dynamics of sound – the crescendo of music impacted on us all and the crash of the cymbals just before the glitter confetti was released gave everyone a fright that they’ll remember forever! Combining orchestral music with the beauty of the story, the costumes and the skill and strength of both male and female ballet dancers all contributed to the children (and adults) being mesmerised.

Around the rest of school Christmas has definitely started – with classes learning about the Christmas  story, creating Christmas wreaths in forest school and continuing their singing practice for our forthcoming carol service.

COVID Update

Changes to reception start and finish times

As mentioned last week we really appreciate the reception class joining our whole school assemblies by starting earlier at the usual non-Covid school times. Please wait at the gate outside school until 8.30 am when the reception doors open. They will close at 8.40am promptly to start the school day.

We are continuing with the plan for our Carol Services on 14th December with control measures already incorporated as part of our usual risk assessments. 

Reception class, Y1 and Y2 will welcome families from 1.15pm at St Nicholas Church.

For those families with siblings who stay for the KS2 service, the younger siblings will sit with school staff until the end to allow families the opportunity to give the older siblings their full attention!
KS2 parents will be invited in from 2.15pm for the 2.30 starting time.

Please remember, only one family member per family per service. Unfortunately due to Covid control  measures we cannot accommodate siblings under school age on this occasion.

Early Reading audit

We were delighted to welcome in a team of reading experts from the Regional English Hub who were
able to affirm our early reading and phonics teaching, giving us a few additional pointers to refine it even further. Nationally there has been a huge move towards strengthening a love of reading, focusing predominantly on allocating books that all children can read. This means that developing ‘fluency’ of reading text in books is valued to give children a real sense of achievement as well as understanding. For this reason the national approach is to read and re-read the same text so children understand the story inside out and are successful in reading it. Please let your class teacher know if you need additional ideas to be able to support this approach at home.


Family Christmas lunches

Mon 6th Dec 11.30-12.30 Nursery, Reception
Tues 7th Dec 11.30 – 12.30 Y3 and Y4
Weds 8th Dec 11.30 – 12.30 Y1 and Y2
Thurs 9th Dec 11.45 – 12.45 Y5 and Y6

We’re really excited to be able to welcome families into school for the highly popular Family Christmas Lunches next week. Please arrive at school at 11.30am in time for your lunch so we can seat you all and start the festive fun. If you can save any embarrassment by paying in advance on Parent Pay this will ensure the school office let you past into the hall without chasing you for money! These events have attracted a visiting adult for every child, be it a parent, grandparent or family friend. Please remember that in the event of the adult having any Covid symptoms please let us know and we will make sure there is a member of the school team to sit with your child if you cannot find a replacement at short notice.

Family Support Worker Amy’s Update

A special well done to Year 5 and Year 6 this week for getting to school so promptly for the Edinburgh visit yesterday.
Punctuality across school has been poor this week, with three classes into double figures for the number of late instances. I have also had a few children tell me that they haven’t gone to bed until 1am! A good nights sleep before school is so important and enables the children to have a better start to the day. At the moment we aren’t expecting any snow next week, but it is set to be very cold so please make sure the children are wearing warm coats with hats and gloves as necessary.

I would like the children to think of one thing they will do for the next two weeks that will help them to be at school on time everyday. It could be something like setting an alarm for the time you need to leave the house or making sure they are in bed at a certain time each night.

Paul’s outdoor idea

Frozen decorations. As the weather is definitely turning wintery and the frost and freezing temperatures are here – I thought this week we could go outside and collect leaves and twigs and remaining flowers and make some frozen decorations.

You will need an old container or baking tray (6 hole). You place your outside items in it and then place water into the tray. You will also need to place a ribbon or string in the water to hang the decoration. If there is cold weather due leave them out overnight or you can pop them in your freezer. The frozen decoration will be ready and can be hung out until the weather warms it through. Don’t forget to post a picture on your class Facebook page too.

Achievement Awards

Children achieving gold this week – Y2 Avie Morrow Y3 Carter Merrett and Sienna
Thirlwell, Y6 Carl Vallance
Swimmer of the week – Kieran Leck
Kindness champions – Leon Redshaw and Eden Makavu

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