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Learning at CVPS the fun way!

We have been so impressed by the exciting things taking place around school this week with pilates in early years and Y1 and some amazingly creative artwork in Y4 when learning about the Kapok Tree and in Y2 using recycled materials. It was a coincidence that the first heart transplant used a genetically modified pig’s heart this week, while Y6 dissected pigs’ hearts as part of their science topic. While some of our older classes remain slightly subdued compared to normal after last week’s sad news, the children have been throwing themselves into what’s been offered, with staff ensuring there is the full offer available. I’m very proud of them all, and of the staff for offering such great opportunities.

As part of our usual monitoring programme, this week and next I’m spending time visiting classes first hand to see what’s been going on, reviewing children’s learning and engagement. It’s always a privilege to see the fantastic care and education on offer and lovely to see the positive relationships throughout school between the staff and children.

Please don’t hesitate to ask to speak to your child’s class teacher if there is anything that causes you concern particularly while we continue to grieve as a school. Your children’s wellbeing is important to us, and we are passionate about getting it right for every child. I wish families could join me in my unannounced visits to see the fantastic things happening in classrooms, as I know some children might not remember to let you all know!

COVID Update

A huge thank you to all families who are testing using the lateral flow tests. This has been really helpful to stem the spread of Covid this past week. We are pleased to hear that the isolation period reduces next week. The office team will keep you updated with the latest legislation to update you when your child can return to school and we have been coordinating transport and one to one escorts to school for children who test negative when a family member is positive. Please keep us updated. Lateral flow test kits are readily available for those who need it at local pharmacies and can be ordered online to be sent to you too.

We are aware that rates of Covid in the community continue to soar and we would advise all families to take part in regular lateral flow tests as the current variant has relatively light symptoms and is often asymptomatic. Our Y1 class currently has an outbreak so please be watchful.


Paul’s Outdoor Idea

This week’s idea links to the RSPB Big Garden Watch between 28th and 30th January (more information can be found here )

Over the next few weeks in Year 1 we will be repurposing some plastic bottles and other material to make bird feeders. I thought would be a nice activity for us all to take part in across School. There are a few options for you, but here is a basic one from a bottle.

You will need a plastic bottle, clean milk bottles and yoghurt pots, wire and string, bird seed and scissors.


Step by step guide:

1. Cut a hole in the side of the bottle large enough to allow a free flow of seeds, but in such a way that it won’t all fall out on the ground in the slightest puff of wind and won’t get wet if it rains.
2. Make a few small holes in the bottom of your feeder to allow any rainwater to drain away.
3. Hang it with wire, or even strong string from a tree or your washing line.
4. If your feeder stats to wear out or the food goes mouldy, recycle it and make another one!


Achievement Awards

Kindness champion – Luke Russell
Swimmer of the week – Jacob Roper
Gold celebration – Lacey Fyfe


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