School Newsletter

We were delighted to welcome Feyi Awotona to school who supports the North East of England African Community Association. Feyi was able to share traditional African folktales, and showcase some African artefacts to the children as part of their study about Africa this term. (Shame we couldn’t arrange a learning expedition to go to Africa!). Our other classes have launched 2018 with some fabulous learning expeditions with EYFS going to the Rising Sun Country Park with Travelling Teds, and Y1/Y2 visited Eshottheugh Country Park in Northumberland to view Wallabies, raccoons and they are planning to curate an exhibition there later this term.

Curriculum update for CVPS

As an academy opened via the free school route, we are not required to follow the national curriculum but we do tend to use it as a guide to ensure that minimum requirements are followed particularly for core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. A weekly offer of a minimum of 2 hours of PE and daily collective worship are also legal requirements for us to deliver. It is a legal requirement from the 1944 Education Act that we deliver a daily act of collective worship which is ‘broadly Christian’ in nature. This is required by all state funded schools in England. Religious Education (RE) is also a requirement, although has more flexibility in terms of timetable allocation. We follow the Northumberland SACRE syllabus for RE. You can find out a lot more information about the curriculum that we deliver on the school website, although our recent celebration days have all celebrated and showcased lots of the breadth of what we offer and the children’s responses to our teaching.

Happy New Year!

We opened school on Monday, delighted to welcome the children back and hear all their news. Well done to so many for remembering black school shoes and making sure that PE kits and forest school clothes were brought in. School advice is that PE kit stays in school all week from Monday to Friday in case PE days need to change. New topics this year
This week so many of our classes have enjoyed a special launch to our new term’s topics which centres around the key question: ‘How does the world inspire us?’ Class topic information is posted onto the school website so will give more details but the headline themes for each year group are as follows:

  • EYFS: Northumberland (land and sea)
  • Y1/Y2: Oceania
  • Y3/Y4: Africa
  • Y5/Y6: China

Pigs and chickens at CVPS

We are really grateful as a school to all the parent volunteers who support our pigs and chickens over Christmas when school is closed. Extra thanks go to Allison Morton, and Nico Lish (and family) for the coordination of the rota and any work to support issues that arose over the festive period. Our children are taking more leadership of the care of our animals throughout 2018 and Allison has a fabulous team to bring more finesse to our animal care routines!

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YR 93%(6) Y1 98%(2)
  • Y1/2 99%(3) Y3 96% (1)
  • Y4 96% (2) Y5 100%(2)
  • Y6 99% (2)

Congratulations to Y5 this week who win extra playtime.

Uniform requirements in school

At CVPS we work hard to help the children take a sense of pride and identity in their presentation which keeps children safe, minimises distractions from learning and prepares pupils for adult life and the workplace. We have developed the school’s uniform policy in response to this rationale, and the policy is regularly reviewed by governors. On return to school this term the vast majority of pupils have perfect uniform, and appropriate presentation which we really appreciate and celebrate regularly in assembly and throughout the day. However there are a small number of regular issues which are emerging with a minority of individuals. Nail varnish is not permissable, nor are earrings, whether recently pierced or not. Long hair for both genders should be tied back at all times. Pupils should all have black school shoes (not trainers). The school uniform policy is available on the website and should be a point of reference if parents are unsure. We are aware that within Years 3-6 children take more responsibility for how they look, and they will be regularly reminded and challenged, and disciplined when appropriate. We ask parents of younger children up to Year 2 to work with school on uniform and personal presentation issues so that their children are not embarrassed when asked to conform. Your children will be questioned if their uniform is non compliant and ultimately school is in a position where it can implement temporary exclusions if pupils are unsafely dressed or regularly non-compliant. Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you are unclear about what is
acceptable. Copies of the Uniform policy will be sent out with this letter.

Achievements this week


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