School Newsletter

A week of sunshine, investigation and visitors.

Its been a week of discovery as the children have explored an aquarium, newt skeletons, an array of forest school activities, and some really great classroom learning as well. Our reception children kicked off the week with a visit to the Blue Reef Aquarium and the aquarium staff were amazed when one child not only stood up to address them about their knowledge, but was also able to name Angler fish, seahorses, and cite micro plastic pollution causes.

The children had a whale of a time (excuse the pun) and came home exhausted but inspired by what they learned and experienced. Huge thank you to our new early years team who organised this so well. There are some great photos at the end of the newsletter.

Then we welcomed a number of visitors into school including basketball coaches and the Northumberland Inland Fisheries and Conservation Authority from Blyth who spent time in Y1, 2 and 6. Children learned about pollution and how to protect our marine life. They got to see live lobsters and hear about how our marine life is threatened by the thoughtless things we do with our rubbish.
In our maths lessons we have been inspired by a slightly different approach increasing the use of practical resources to underpin teaching new concepts.

These practical resources are used alongside pictorial representations (pictures!) as well as abstract use of numbers and symbols. Our focus on mathematics continues to support the gaps left by 15 months of being in and out of lockdown, mirroring the national picture. We are pleased that the children have responded really well to this slightly adapted approach as we see a number of those much sought-after ‘lightbulb’ moments.


Covid Update

Like you, we are really fed up with what appears to be a new wave of Covid infections that are doing the rounds.

We have had a lot more children off throughout school and we would just ask that if your child has any of the usual symptoms such as headache, sore throat, fatigue and a cough please use a lateral flow test to discount Covid so that they can return to school.

We have a limited supply of lateral flow devices that we can use in school with your consent when symptoms occur during the day. We are campaigning to push for the government to make these available free of charge to children at school. Thankfully too the more recent nasal swab tests are a lot less intrusive.

Local Covid rates in Northumberland have risen in just one week, from 600 per 100000 to 900 per 100000. And that’s of those cases that have been registered. With admissions to hospitals rising too for those who are more vulnerable, we thank so many of you who continue to be respectful of the national guidance to self isolate when positive.

Next half term’s overarching question will be…

What Happens When We Win?

We are so excited to be able to confirm that we have booked the Phoenix Theatre for Weds 6th July for children from Y1 to Y6 to perform, and we are planning over the next few days what sort of plays. Romeo and Juliet is looking likely for Y5/6 launching on the 25th April with an actor from The Royal Shakespeare Company leading a workshop…..we’re all feeling very excited!

Paul’s Outdoor Idea:
Shapes in Nature:

This week is the official start of Spring and the weather is lovely – so again we are encouraging you to go

out and about. This time our focus is on shape in nature. Can you see shapes in nature? Shapes on trees or in leaf patterns? Can you create your own shapes? (I love this picture of a cube made out of sticks)

Challenge: Look up the Fibonacci sequence and its link to nature (for the older children and parents) The order is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 to infinity but it shows itself in natural patterns.


Family Support Worker Amy’s Update

Attendance has taken a bit of a beating this week due to the return of Covid and sickness bugs. The children that have had to isolate have done a great job logging on to their online learning. If you do have to isolate and need a device to complete online learning then let us know. We are able to lend Chromebooks to families that need it. Well done Y6 for 98% attendance – keep up the good work.

I need your help! I’ve got a big empty display board in my office that I would like to use for attendance. I wonder if the children could create some posters, leaflets or any type of artwork about attendance or punctuality. Maybe the children have some good advice they would like to share. If anyone has anything they would like to share with me and are happy for me to display then come and see me during the week. I’m excited to see the creations!


Achievement Awards

Kindness champion – James Dunning    Swimmer of the week – Kevin Kilpatrick

Gold celebrations – Y2 – Caileigh Rutherford and Lily Geddes, Y4 – Ryan Wells and Maddison Fyfe, Y5 – Eeva Tudor, Y6 – Aaron Hall, Jayden Thirlwell, Zack Thompson, Ashveer Singh, Charlotte Murray and Miles Straker


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