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CVPS in Paris

To celebrate the end of their adventure at Cramlington Village Primary and to mark the end of their SATs, the year 6 class took off on their final adventure to Paris this week. We have already seen evidence of them reaching the heights of the Eiffel Tower, exploring the streets of Paris and eating lots of delicious food (we didn’t realise pizza was such a French delicacy!?)

We hope they enjoyed braving all the rides Disneyland had to offer and I’m sure families will be looking forward to seeing them return after a very busy few days. A huge thank you to all of the staff involved in keeping the children safe and happy on their travels.


Payment reminder for learning expeditions, residential visits and after-school clubs

Prompt payment for learning expeditions, residential visits and after-school clubs is kindly requested. Efficient payment enables us to plan for the fantastic opportunities we provide for our children. If you have any concerns about payment, please speak to a member of the office staff as soon as possible, thank you.

Reminder for book donations

Just a reminder that we are still accepting book donations to support the creation of our new library. We are looking for a range of good quality texts for a range of ages that are in a good condition. A huge thank you to the families who have already sent books in.



Family Support Worker – Amy’s update

We have noticed lots of lates this week. Even being 5 minutes late every day can add up to over 3 days of school. Please remember that gates open at 8:20 and close at 8:30 – thank you.

Warmer weather

As we all start to enjoy the warmer weather, please can we request that children come to school wearing appropriate suncream and bring sun hats if needed.

Year 5 tag rugby festival

This week, year 5 were the lucky class to be offered the opportunity to be able to visit Kingston Park Stadium to participate in a tag rugby festival. Children loved getting completely stuck-in and have the photos to prove it! Well done year 5 for being great ambassadors for our school.



Paul’s Outdoor Idea

World Bee Day : 20th May 2022


• The reason bees are so noisy is because they beat their wings 11,400 times in one minute!
• Only female bees can sting. Male bees don’t have stingers.
• Honey bees communicate through a series of dance moves.
• Bees can sense the hormone a human gives off when they’re scared. If they feel their hive is threatened, they’ll attack.

Activity : Create a bee based bug hotel
What you will need.
Empty food can (cleaned, label removed) Bamboo stakes of varying widths
Hand saw
Thin piece of wire
String (optional)


1. Using your ruler, measure the length of the can. It’s best to take a few millimetres off the measurement so that the bamboo will sit just inside the lip of the can.
2. Using your ruler and a pencil, mark out lengths on your bamboo stakes to fit. You will need quite a few to fill the can.
3. Once marked out, take your bamboo stakes and saw into measured lengths one at a time.
4. When you have finished cutting to size, collect all your lengths of bamboo and use a piece of wire to clear out any fibrous bits from inside each piece. This will create a hollow centre where the insects will live.
5. Once you have cleared out all the lengths of bamboo, place your can sideways on the table and start to stack the pieces of bamboo inside the can. Continue filling the can with bamboo until it is full, and the sticks are tightly packed in.
6. You now have your very own bug hotel! Decorate to make it look like a bee (see picture)
7. You can either use string and tie it on to a tree branch, or you can just place it in a nice sheltered spot in the garden. Be sure to pick a nice shady position so that your bugs don’t get too warm in their new home.
8. Now sit back, relax and wait for your new friends to move in.


Achievement Award

Kindness championsYN – Willow Burgess and Y3 Avraj Singh Swimmer of the week – Miah Taylor
Gold CelebrationsYR – Heidi Ord Y2 – Arthur Lamb Y3 – Avraj Singh


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