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Our last half term begins!

The last half term is always busy with lots of nice things happening in and around school. And this one is no different. After the past two summers which have been disrupted by Covid, it’s been lovely to get all the old plans back into the diary.

In and around school this week we have embarked on rehearsals, preparations for our play at the Phoenix Theatre, and assessments have taken place for the phonics screeners in Y1 and the Multiplication Checks in Y4. One of the many highlights was a fencing session for Y5 and Y6,
‘On guard!’

We welcomed back Ryan McMillan into school (following his success earlier in the school year in Y4). Ryan is supporting teaching across our early years and Y1 classes, and Jo Blyth started as our new academic mentor for English. With Kerry Gibson as our new office manager and Darron Stafford in a newly created role of caretaker, it’s been all CVPS newsletter 10.06.22 systems go sharing our CVPS approaches and welcoming staff into our team. I know you will share our usual CVPS welcome to these people.

Safeguarding update by Amy

Why is breakfast so important?

Breakfast is really important to top up children’s energy stores for the morning’s activities. Children who eat a healthy breakfast are less likely to snack on high fat/sugar foods later on. These children also tend to concentrate and perform better at school.

Providing children with with breakfasts that are rich in fibre, whole grains and protein can help to boost their attention span, concentration and memory. Breakfast foods such as cereals with added iron, wholegrain breads, eggs and raisins are also good sources of iron.

Here are some ideas from the NHS for quick and healthy breakfasts.


Over the half term break Allison Morton and her partner Michael

came into school to erect the most amazing new chicken coop after a very kind donation from Emma Walker and her firm EW Estates.

The chickens seem to be loving their new space. Huge thanks to Allison and family for coming in and making the coop for our chickens.

Please donate Tombola prizes!

Everyone loves a Tombola! Allison is collecting suitable prizes for the fund raising Tombola. The monies raised will go towards buying resources to build raised beds and plants to go around the chicken coop. The picture below shows our plans – and our chickens can’t wait!


Family Support Worker Amy’s Update

Well done Y6 and Nursery for 99% attendance this week. Amazing job to Y2 for NO lates! Y2 are setting a great example for our first week back. It would be great to have a final push on our attendance for the last term of the academic year. I’m already excited for our end of term attendance awards. It is a great opportunity to reflect on the year and see what we can do next year to make it even better!
A quick reminder about holidays in term time… holidays should be booked during the 14 weeks of time we are not in school. As our academic calendar differs from other schools in the area, families are still able to benefit from cheaper deals during school holiday time. Every school day counts!

Paul’s Outdoor Idea

30 Days Wild (
June is when ’30 days wild’ happens encouraging people to get outside (a 5 year research project is showing the health and welfare benefits to everyone by getting outside as much as possible.

There are a list of amazing activities for children and adults to take part in.

Here is the video link that shows 30 things that you can do outdoors.

Year One chose :

1. Sleeping outside.
2. Pond dipping.
3. Go for a nature walk.
4. Smell some flowers.
5. Have a picnic or eat outside

If you watch the video : number 29 is a nice one for the adults to do.

As always we would love to see your outdoor endeavours on Facebook.

This quote shows the importance of getting outside everyday and not just the weekends. We have been talking all week to children about the benefits of getting outdoors during forest school.

Getting out in the natural world is good for the mind and body. And it’s not just for the weekend – it should be every single day. Immerse yourself in nature this June with 30 Days Wild!
Dr Alice Roberts

Parking request

We have had two damaged cars caused by parking around the roundabout and even on the roundabout at the front of school. We are now providing our local police teams with photographic evidence of unsafe and illegal parking as the many polite requests seem to be ineffective. Please do not park around the roundabout in front of the walkways by the black fence. This is a drop off zone only appropriate for the older children.


Achievement Rewards

Kindness championsY5 – AJ Jefferson
Swimmer of the week – AJ Jefferson
Footballers of the week – Peyton Gray and Daniel Culyer
Gold CelebrationsY1 – Eva Jordan, Lacey Fyfe, Nadia Al Haj Moussa, Francesca Page X2, Alexis Simm, Safiya Kodirova and Abbie Griffiths


Dates for your Diary