School Newsletter

Our parent workshop programme begins soon! And yurt activities are on the increase! Great team work on Wednesday from KS1 children in Forest School, who worked together to make a ‘clove hitch knot’ to tie their Aboriginal huts together in the yurt!

We now use our yurt during lessons as well as for forest school and Local Authority
fire safety, health and safety and planning teams confirmed the installation is fully compliant after local neighbours were anxious! One complained to the health and safety executive that our children actually run around on the field with real pigs! Would you believe it! Another visitor expected guinea pigs when I explained we had pigs! Thanks so much to the pig and chicken volunteers and staff who make our animal husbandry possible. Our animals delight the children daily, teaching them so much.

Celebrating diversity

This term assemblies and PSHCE (Personal, social, health and citizenship education) themes focus on celebrating differences, diversity and friendships. Linking with our work on ‘British values’ (a term used by the Department for Education to endorse social expectations in the UK) we will be hosting a range of visitors chosen to celebrate their diversity linked with physical/mental and learning disabilities, different ethnicities, different religions, and different cultures and staff will promote diversity in class too
as part of their PSHCE delivery.

Year 3 e-safety learning

Year 3 were amazed this week when they discovered that one of Allison Morton’s facebook messages had been shared all around the world with only 9 people she knew, and 32 people she didn’t know. This highlighted the importance of staying safe online and how cautious to be with social media as well as how powerful it can be. Children were obviously reminded that FB accounts were only for those aged 13 and over.

Parent workshop (Resilience)

Honor Parker, a popular local Educational Psychologist (from Northumberland’s SEND team) will be in school on Monday 5th February to deliver a parent workshop on child resilience. The workshop is designed to provide parents with strategies to support children to become more resilient at both home and school. All parents and carers are welcome
to attend. The workshop will be held in the school hall at 8.35 and will last about 45 mins. Free bacon butties (or vegetarian alternatives) for those who book a place and return their letter! It will then move into the community room for a more informal opportunity to discuss things further and ask any questions. Please complete and return the reply slip on the letter that is being sent out on email with this newsletter so that we can accommodate numbers.


We are holding a STEM week (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) this term from March 12th to 16th with an open day on Friday the 17th March. Do you work (or know someone who does) in an industry relating to these sectors? If so, would you be willing to volunteer to take part in a class based activity with a year group and their teacher?
Let Sarah Koratzitis know by emailing or pop in to see her in Y5.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YR 93%(3) Y1 94%(1)
  • Y1/2 87%(2) Y3 95% (3)
  • Y4 85% (1) Y5 96%(0)
  • Y6 92% (3)

Congratulations to Y5 this week who win extra playtime and had no lates logged – super attendance and punctuality Y5!

Achievements this week


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