School Newsletter

Sponsored walk, numbers, hot chocolate and Pitmen Painters…another jam-packed second week at CVPS!

Another great week at CVPS with the children settling in properly to their new classes and routines.


On Friday all the children in EYFS took part in a sponsored walk. The children in school have been fundraising towards our own defibrillator. All the children loved taking part in the sponsored walk and enjoyed talking about how we keep our heart healthy.

Year 1:

This week, they have been looking at ordering numbers to 20 and finding missing numbers. Year 1 are already working very independently!

Year 1/2:

This week we have been exploring our class text ‘Steam train dream train’. The children have really enjoyed retelling the story and using their inference skills to suggest what the characters were thinking, saying and feeling. In forest school we have been making hot chocolate, designing artwork to make our concrete blocks attractive and using our
problem solving skills to create a bridge that is the correct height and strength to hold our train.

Year 3:

Children have been researching mining life and the dangers of the mines. They made a comic strip for ‘Miners’ day’ and wrote a diary
from a miner’s perspective.

Year 4:

In art, children were looking at the Pitmen Painters, and discussing perspective. They learned how to draw objects that are at different distances, and used lots of straight
lines to guide their art work.

Year 5:

Children have been showing 5 digit numbers in as many ways as possible getting ready for 6 digit numbers next week. They’ve been deciding what’s the same and different between materials, bar and whole part models. In forest school they researched the life cycles of different insects, mammals and amphibians. A very talented bunch of mathematicians and

Year 6:

This week we’ve used our key text Machine Gunners to help us use features such as modal verbs and using apostrophes. They’ve also spent some time using skills to round numbers to their nearest whole number, as well as rounding them to both one and two decimal places.

Our thoughts have been with Debbie Wylie as her mum passed away very suddenly at the beginning of term. Debbie is looking forward to returning back to work on Monday.

Thank you!

A huge thank you to all the parents and children who have supported our fund raising for a new defibrillator. We’ve now raised enough money to buy one for the school!


We would like to say a big congratulations to Ashleigh Galloway who is expecting her second child in the spring term.


If your child is part of a class that has Seesaw, the online learning journal, please speak to your teacher about signing up to the parent account. It’s a great way to see pictures and videos of your child and their work.

Pokemon cards

We would like to ask that children stop bringing in Pokemon cards to school as it causes lots of disagreements between children at break times. As always we appreciate your
support on this.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YR – 98%
  • Y1- 100%
  • Y1/2 – 99%
  • Y3 – 98%
  • Y4 – 97%
  • Y5 – 95%
  • Y6 – 96%

Congratulations to Y1 who win extra playtime this week!

Achievements this week


Dates for the diary

20th September: Year 3/4 breakfast morning – A chance to meet and greet teachers and discuss expectations for KS2.


26th September: Rescheduled date for Year 5/6 afternoon tea – Discussion around SATs, secondary schools and expectations for UKS2.

KS2 clubs


15:30-16:30 Y3/4 French starting on 18th September (please see class teachers for more details)

15:30-16:30 Y5/6 Basketball


15:30-16:15 KS2 Youth group