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Australia day in Key Stage 1, early years compose their own website, whilst Africa and China teaching takes a hold in KS2!

Years 1 and 2 enjoyed showcasing some of the activities in class that they have enjoyed as part their topic on Australia and Oceania.

As part of our usual practice, every class is visited regularly to review our children’s learning and to take the opportunity to see how the children interact with teaching opportunities in school. This week there has been a wealth of experiences offered that the children have loved! Our early years children are creating a website that they are adding to daily with ideas and work from their topic learning about Northumberland, and where Travelling Ted visits.

Year 3 and Year 4 have developed our new planning for mathematics and brought finesse to it, that saw the children challenged with perfect pitch to meet their learning needs in mathematics. Cutting garlic pizza bread into fractions to demonstrate equivalence in fractions was very welcome as I got to taste test afterwards! Year 5 and Year 6 pupils were all able to showcase their work, understanding their personalised areas to work on, and why. The children throughout school were fully engaged with their learning and what they can do to improve their outcomes. We are coming up to half-way through what is (once again) a busy year and all the children have been assessed using our usual systems. Children have their targets for learning reviewed and shared with them by teachers, so they are all able to let their families know key areas they are working on and hopefully what can be done at home to help.

We now have spelling clinics taking place on Monday lunchtimes supervised by our Literacy Coordinator, Mrs Costello our Y6 teacher. This is in addition to the spelling booklets that children bring home, and will support children’s weekly spelling tests. We are aware that some children have neglected to follow the system launched in September, and this is a safety net to support those children. There is a direct correlation between the work spent learning spellings and the success in our weekly tests. Please support your children to take time to learn their spellings, times tables and to read regularly at home.

Our early years children have been enjoying ‘camping’ outdoors, and conducting surveys in the class room. We are so impressed that nursery children have settled exceptionally well after only being in school now for three weeks. Welcome to our new nursery children!

How do you help children to be more resilient?

All parents/carers are welcome to come along on Monday 5th February straight after school drop off time from 8.40am when we are delighted to welcome Honor Parker, our local Educational Psychologist who will share ideas and strategies for developing resilience in children. Bacon butties, or vegetarian alternatives will be available for those who sign up on class Facebook pages or the tear off slips sent out last week included again in this email.

Structured conversations about learning took place this week for some of our families

Staff report the new format worked really well. Please let me or our staff team know your experiences – both positive and otherwise.

Enjoying the mud!

We try to encourage our children to enjoy exploring the world around them throughout the school week. It was delightful to see Year 4 pupils in this muddy puddle last week in their playtime, mixing potions with their long handled spoon.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YR 98% (0) Y1 98% (0)
  • Y1/2 95% (1) Y3 98% (4)
  • Y4 92% (1) Y5 99% (2)
  • Y6 95% (3)

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