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And so compulsory summer testing time begins…

Year 1 have been busy in forest school this week. You can see them completing a survey to find which flowering plants grow most on the field. They used a bar chart to determine that dandelions are most common, but also found slender speedwell, selfheal, common mouse-ear and wild sweet peas! They discussed how to make it a fair test and how to remove bias. Kirsten has also been doing some wonderful ‘Enormous Turnip’ learning in nursery this past couple of weeks! I’m sad I didn’t get to taste the Turnip soup!

Our Y2 children have been doing some ‘special work’ on this year’s Sats papers for English and Mathematics as well. We don’t refer to them as tests but they help teachers to assess children’s achievements. Most of the younger children enjoy completing these colourful booklets! Our Y1 children are preparing for the phonic screener one to one check which takes place the first week back after half term! Then we wait for the results. Parents will be informed of the results towards the end of the summer term, when they become available.

We try to play down the testing regime at CVPS, because it’s important to us to support the children’s sense of worth through other forms of assessment and through enjoyable activities. However we also have to fulfil our responsibility to offer a balanced approach that prepares our children for later life, and secondary
school. We work hard to support pupils to be ‘test-ready’ whatever their ability and to encourage them all to try their best. We are proud that in all cases, without exception our children seek to please us in all that we do. Well done to our CVPS family! We are proud of you!

Year 6 Special Assessment Tasks

Y6 completed their five SATs papers this week with no hitches! We were visited by ‘The Sats Police!’ who check our administration of the programme and they
complimented our children on the maturity with which they tackled the tests. Y6 celebrated today by releasing a confetti cannon in class as you can see from the
photo here. Their reward for working so hard is a trip to the beach tomorrow! Well done to everyone for getting through these challenging tests. Our results
are released on July 10th so quite a long wait for all of us! Obviously we will let everyone know when results are out.

School council update

Under Allison Morton’s watchful eye, the school council continues to discuss a range of topics relating to school life. Recent discussions have included: the creation of questionnaires for games and activities at break times; raffle posters for Y3 and Y4; pigs and chicken rota review; interviewing candidates for
new teacher posts; evaluating and creating questionnaires for pupil feedback about literacy and numeracy. The quality of questions and discussion work has been excellent and all pupils contribute well to school council meetings! Well done to all our school councillors!

Playtimes at CVPS

The playground leaders and our wonderful team of assistant teachers support a wide range of playground activities for morning and lunchtime playtimes. We are privileged that our playtimes are supervised by qualified educational professionals who supervise dance-offs, a regular sporting offer on the multi-use games area such as hockey, football, cricket, rounders, as well as the pig and chicken rota.

Achievement Awards

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