School Newsletter

The end of a busy half term. We now know so much more about who we think we are, and why Cramlington is special to us. Our reception children have been visiting the residents at Hartford Court care home this week to talk about the history of Cramlington.

Y1 have been on a scavenger hunt exploring materials and their properties in the area around school. Did you know that Cramlington had an airfield in days gone by? Y6 have been excited to learn this and the fact that it was mentioned in a Biggles book! Y4 have been rounding up and down in mathematics using measurements of the pig pen to make the context of rounding relevant. Y5 were hula hooping on Monday, and Y3 have been writing in their special diaries about their experiences. With investigations into autumnal natural materials in Early Years and Y1, Y1/2 building their own trains it’s been busy as always.


We were delighted on Thursday to welcome so many families to the Mathemagicians event led by Ashleigh Galloway, our Maths coordinator. Ashleigh was able to share with families how we deliver maths through packs of fun games that the children have now taken home.

Family Christmas Lunch

We will be selling tickets after half term for the annual family Christmas dinner – check the end of the newsletter for dates. All pupils will be eligible for one ticket each. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate siblings from different key stages sitting together, as the dinners are set over different days due to our higher numbers in school. Thank you for understanding the logistical challenges we face with only one hall! Children’s meals are at the usual excellent rates. Adults coming to the meal can can enjoy roast turkey with all the trimmings, Christmas pudding or meringues, or vegetarian alternatives, all for great value at £6 per meal.

Saturday 25th November

Come and Celebrate our 5th Birthday! We have fabulous plans for Saturday the 25th November from 12.30 as part of our Open Day this year. Plans include:

  • An exhibition of our children’s learning
  • Travel on the Land Train
  • Visit Santa in our new yurt
  • Watch videos produced by Y5 and Y6 all about the history of Cramlington
  • Hear children singing songs they have learned about traditional folklore
  • Hear Ray Derrick perform with the children about the derailment of The Flying Scotsman

We are also publishing a commemorative book all about the history of Cramlington as written, edited and with artwork from our pupils.

Year 6 transition to High school

Northumberland’s admissions team have contacted us to inform us that only half our Y6 class has submitted their secondary school applications. Please ensure that you apply for your child’s secondary school before the deadline which is 31st October.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YR – 98%(5)
  • Y1 – 97%(3)
  • Y1/2 – 95%(0)
  • Y3 – 92%(6)
  • Y4 – 93%(3)
  • Y5 – 90%(0)
  • Y6 – 91%(3)

Congratulations to Reception who win extra playtime.

Parent consultations Wednesday 8th November 2017

We look forward to sharing your children’s targets and achievements to date on Wednesday the 8th November. Please ensure that you return your preference for your ten minute time slot to meet with your child’s teacher.

Attendance and Punctuality letters

Notices to inform parents of concerns about absence patterns will be send out as a matter of course at the end of every half term. As you are aware from previous newsletters we have implemented a more rigorous attendance procedure, harnessing support from the local education welfare officer. We will continue to use lateness in our attendance and punctuality awards to remind the children of the importance of being on time. Punctuality is a life skill in the workplace as well as encouraging good learning behaviours at school.

Good Luck Debbie

We are both happy (for Debbie) and sad (for us!) that Debbie Thompson will be on maternity leave following half term. We wish her all the best for the impending arrival of her new baby. Debbie’s role in Y3 will be covered by a mixture of our SENCO Amanda Milligan who will be working in Y3 every morning and Danni King and Beccy Finley our lower KS2 assistant teachers. We are also looking forward to Gemma Mason returning from her maternity leave in the new year.

Happy half term break!

During assemblies this week we have spoken to the children about staying safe over the half term break. Please remind them about stranger danger during the Halloween season! Trick or treating can be very dangerous when out and about in flowing robes with limited vision from masks! The children were all able to chant how to stay safe if they get close to fires in their costumes by ‘stop, drop and roll’ if they need to. We hope you all enjoy a very safe and enjoyable half term break.

Achievements this week


Diary dates