School Newsletter

This week saw the first Science Technology, Engineering and Maths (or STEM) week. The children have been inspired to plan and explore experiments; they have welcomed visitors into their classrooms and assemblies, and they have been hugely engaged in STEM activities. While the photographs showcase the work they don’t do justice to the scale and huge enthusiasm evident in the children. Assemblies this week have shown the children how STEM relates to job roles and daily life. These have included experiments led by Jenna Tudor, a presentation from Chris Dale, our Chair of governors who is a consultant in technology, and the National Trust presented about the work they do. The death of Professor Stephen Hawking was the major national news headline on Wednesday of National Science week. We were able to share with the children his amazing legacy as a theoretical physicist, providing inspiration for future generations about our universe and cosmology. Most importantly we have been able to share with the children the fun and excitement that STEM offers. We are really grateful to Sarah Koratzitis who organised such
a fun and educational week. Can’t wait until next year.Thanks Sarah!

Pupils in Year 3 and 4 sent letters and home made book marks to the school in Zambia. It was delightful to receive photographs from the Zambian school seeing the children avidly reading the handwritten letters from our pupils. We will be working with the Zambezi Sunrise Trust to develop better links with the school and its pupils, raising money, and learning about the differences between Cramlington and Zambia. All funds raised from our Easter Chocolate raffle will be donated to this very worthwhile charity and our classes are already learning about the many differences and similarities between our school and theirs.

Bye Bye Fay
We are sad that Fay is leaving us on Friday the 16th March for pastures new. We hope to see her again very soon, in the summer term so that we can say our proper
goodbyes and have an assembly presentation then!

Chocolate raffle for the Zambezi Trust tickets on sale Thursdays
Raffle tickets for the chocolate raffle they are being sold 8.15 – 8.30 on Thursday mornings at the front of school. The grand draw for the raffle will be on Thursday the 29th March during our end of term assembly.

This popular event will be judged in our last assembly on Thursday 29th March. Bring competition entries into the hall on Monday the 26th March. There will be a winner chosen from each of the following: EYFS, KS1, KS2 and a parent category so please keep the children’s work their own!

Year 6 bacon butties
Pupils in Y6 enjoy a bacon roll in the morning as an aid to their concentration. This is a new opportunity that we are offering from now on to all pupils in Y6. It will continue next year from September.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YR 93% (2)
  • Y1 96% (1)
  • Y1/2 97% (1)
  • Y3 98% (5)
  • Y4 93% (0)
  • Y5 96% (0)
  • Y6 99% (2)

Extra play time for Y6 this week – well done!