School Newsletter

We were delighted that so many children made a really big effort to develop their ideas for designing a costume or outfit for their chosen character on World Book Day. Thanks for all your support. They had a great day and were hyper excited! We saw so much creativity and imagination from the children, and they had a much better understanding of book day being all about stories, reading and books. We talked about the stories, the characters, heard all about the themes of their favourite stories and why. We were able to explore similarities and differences between books and authors, and also about how most stories involve some kind of dilemma or key problem.

It’s no surprise that our strongest readers are the children who have access to books at home, and for whom families actively encourage storytelling. Bedtime stories, reading aloud on journeys, sharing stories passed down from previous generations, and of course the local libraries – these are all rich sources of reading material. Comics, diaries, picture books (with and without words) information books, poetry, biographies, and autobiographies are just a few of the types of
books to promote reading for enjoyment. All the children should now have a voucher to spend on one of the free books at Asda or other participating bookshops. Thanks Melissa Costello our literacy coordinator for organising a great day!

Keeping children safe online
Parents attended a workshop delivered by NSPCC to hear all about ideas to keep your children safe online. We will upload some of the material and links to helpful websites to the Facebook pages. One of the ways to resolve concerns with technology is to pop into an O2 shop as they all have online safety specialist advisors.

CVPS in Bloom?
We’re very excited to be a part of Cramlington Town Council’s 2018 school gardening competition. The competition involves each school presenting a planter of flowers, vegetables, fruit etc, that have been grown from seed, to be judged by the town council in the summer term. Our planter is going to encourage wildlife – hopefully bees, to a carefully chosen, risk-assessed site on school grounds. During gardening club and forest school we will be learning about the importance of bees and the particular flowers and plants which attract bees and aid pollination. We will be growing our own beefriendly garden and planning a bee habitat to build as part of our competition entry. Please send in donations of seeds, propagators, bamboo canes and we would welcome any keen gardeners who can help us to develop the garden and growing areas.

Easter chocolate raffle and tombola
We have started to collect chocolate and Easter Eggs to raise funds for the Zambezi Sunrise Trust which Y3 has chosen as their nominated charity to raise funds. This will finish on the last day of term with a chocolate tombola and raffle! All proceeds go towards creating a better school for pupils in Zambezi. Read more about the Zambezi Trust at

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YR 94% (4)
  • Y1 98% (1)
  • Y1/2 94% (0)
  • Y3 99% (3)
  • Y4 97% (0)
  • Y5 100% (1)
  • Y6 98% (2)

Homework reminders
Please remember that mathematics and literacy homework goes out on a Friday and is due in the following Wednesday. Children in KS2 are expected to do their homework and if it isn’t completed they are expected to complete it during one of their free choice times, such as playtime or lunchtime. We acknowledge that for
our younger pupils it is parents who facilitate homework and so we don’t implement consequences. However we do notice a difference in the progress children achieve at school if they don’t complete homework regularly.