School Newsletter

Well done KS2 for a great CVPS Sports day! Our next summer event is coming soon at Blyth’s Phoenix Theatre!

All the classes are busy preparing for their end of year performances as you can see above. There are also taster clips available on the class facebook pages for those who want to hear some of the rehearsals taking place! Thanks so much to families at home who have supported the children to learn their lines, help with costumes and props and
scenery for the real thing! It’s going to be amazing and we are about to send out press releases to the local press written by the Y6 class! We are delighted that the Phoenix Theatre is hosting our event, and would hope that we can sell all the tickets to allow a packed audience to watch the children’s performances which are very professional! Don’t forget to buy extra tickets from the school office after you buy the first two from class teachers.

This week our outdoor learning sessions are being used to create scenery and backdrops for the Y3/Y4 play as well as to compete in teams to build the most waterproof shelters! Pinkie loved basking in the sunshine – as happy as pig in muck! And you can see Lacey standing next to our evolving competition entry that is being led by Hannah
Brown for the Cramlington Town Council competition.

Paris Y6

Next week our Y6 class celebrate the end of their time at CVPS with a residential learning expedition to Paris! I will be accompanying the trip and in my absence Amanda Milligan will take responsibility for school matters until my return on Friday! As Vice Principal Amanda has an excellent working knowledge of CVPS. Having led other local schools in the past Amanda comes with an abundance of leadership expertise. I’m looking forward to hearing the usual school news when we return to school on Friday 6th July.

Uniform orders

Tesco supply our school uniforms (other than book bags, ties, Y5/Y6 blazers and water bottles) Please leave plenty of time for your uniform orders as they usually come under huge pressure at this time of year and if orders are not submitted until the end of July they may not be ready in time for September.

YR, Y1 and Y2 Sports Days get off to a grand start!
We were delighted that our children did such a good job of the sports they enjoyed last week (and this week) at their sports days. This was an opportunity for them to take part in fun physical activities, and to finish off with races. You can see some of the photos from Y3-Y6 in our usual photographic highlights in this newsletters.
Thanks to all families who came along to celebrate and well done to all the children who took part.

School reports, next classes, and Book Look 17.7.18
We are finalising the usual quality assurance process and printing out children’s reports to be given out on Wednesday the 11th July. We will endeavour to ensure that duplicate reports are sent out to families who need them, but please let us know if we miss anyone. The end of year reports will share current levels of attainment in comparison to national benchmarks. They will also inform you of your child’s next class teacher. There will be an opportunity for a book look across school on the afternoon of Tuesday the 17th of July between 2 and 3pm across every class. Should you wish to discuss your child’s report in any detail please speak to the class teacher once it’s received. Reports to families 11.7.18 Book look 17.7.18 (2-3pm) in all classes – no clubs that day!

50 Things
On a day when I’m particularly sensitive to the number 50, I decided it was appropriate to add into the
newsletter 50 Things I love about CVPS….

1. Wonderful children – every one of them!
2. Staff passion for our children
3. Supportive families
4. Creativity
5. High standards in reading, writing, maths
6. Musical achievements – thanks Jenny!
7. Sports offer
8. Gertie, our gatekeeper at the front door, font of all knowledge
9. Family led mealtimes
10. Learning expeditions far and wide, local, national and soon international!
11. Pigs and chickens
12. Our wonderful outdoor area
13. Empathy for others
14. Mutual respect between staff, between children and between staff and
15. The warm welcome people say we give
16. Our bilingual children
17. Children’s outstanding considerate behaviour
18. The extra mile that everyone goes to be the best they can
19. Aspirations from children, staff, governors, families
20. Complimentary feedback from external professionals
21. Support and promotion of individuality
22. Delegated responsibilities “It’s great to share the load”
23. Collaboration between staff and between the children and both!
24. The buzz of the classrooms
25. Assembly time when we explore the world around us
26. Innovation
27. Classroom environments
28. Technology that inspires children to give their best
29. Speedy WiFi
30. Interesting and relevant homework
31. Links with the local community – fire service, police, RSPCA,
32. Showcase days
33. Confidence
34. Camaraderie
35. Pride in school, in each other, in the achievements of individuals, classes, whole school
36. Launch days for new themes/topics
37. Committed and interested governors
38. Community days- fireworks, forest school, fundraisers
39. Book looks!
40. Constructive and positive feedback from well informed parents
41. Our school council
42. Innovative REAL planning days
43. Cleanliness and organisation of the building
44. Well organised resources and classrooms
45. Finishing writing the final pupil report!
46. Fun-filled Sports days
47. Class assemblies
48. The commitment of our children to seek to please
49. The behaviour and learning ladder
50. The colour purple