School Newsletter

Children, parents and staff were all immensely proud on Thursday this week, when we took Y1-Y6 to the Phoenix Theatre stage in Blyth.

The theatre manager, Chris praised our children and staff for being ‘better than many semi professional and professional groups!’ He complimented our children (as often happens) about their fantastic behaviour, excellent courtesy such as holding the doors open, and saying please and thank you. He was impressed by the professionalism of the productions and wondered if we were a ‘stage school.’ I wonder too, after seeing so much confidence, enjoyment and enthusiasm from the children. Reading a Dad’s comments on our class facebook page, “I’m so glad my boys go to CVPS!” was a real encouragement, alongside so much valued positive feedback from all the parents – thank you. It really does mean a lot to us as a staff team as the productions were very much a team effort between children, staff and parents.

The end of the year is a wonderful time to look back and see how your children have grown. The confidence of every year group, even our 5, 6 and 7 year olds in Jack and the Beanstalk, lengthy pieces of script, scene changes and songs, in Wind in the Willows, expertly remembered by Y3 and Y4, right up to Shakespearean prose delivered with feeling, brilliant characterisation, and fabulous synchronicity and flow. Everyone was able to shine. Everyone played their part. Our least confident children came onto the stage, and managed not to be too overwhelmed. Our most confident children acted their hearts out. In Y5 and Y6 pupils made expert use of intonation, diction, as well as acting and were enthused, excited and inspired by The Bard.

Paris Y6

Thanks to Amanda Milligan (Vice Principal) for holding the fort last week when myself, Melissa Costello, and Y6 pupils undertook the first CVPS residential to Paris. We had a great time, and brought all 17 children back safely. We were grateful that Mr Mullaghan joined the trip for the scary rides at Disneyland. And the view from the Eiffel Tower was impressive. Well done Y6 pioneers, you proved that you can proudly carry the CVPS flag – even abroad!

Happy Circus coming to town!

Our autumn themes for the curriculum are based around the key question, ‘Where did it all begin?’ So key stage 1 will be exploring the start of the circus, linked to their interest in The Greatest Showman.

As a result we have the Happy Circus coming to town on Wednesday the 5th September with a special showing at 4pm which is very child friendly.

We intend to reserve enough tickets for CVPS families to have priority, but will put other tickets on sale in the summer holidays. Costs to CVPS families will be subsidised at £6 per ticket, for school aged children and parents. These are issued at cost price, based on the expectation that all tickets will sell. Let the school office know if you would like to set up a payment plan for a family set of tickets as a real treat.

Book Look next Tuesday 17th

Remember we have book look on Tuesday the 17th July from 2pm to 3.30pm to review your child’s books, and meet their next class teacher. Please come through the school office to your children’s classes.

Class facebook pages

Please sign the agreement if you would like to be added to the class facebook pages. We are posting a lot of our photos from the Theatre on FB this week.