School Newsletter

Hooray for Stay and Play!

Parents of pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 enjoyed a visit to their children’s classrooms this week for the first stay and play of the academic year. It was great to see everyone and to hear from parents what the children are saying about school! The next one will be held next half term.

This week myself and senior leaders have visited classrooms to be able to review the quality of teaching as part of our regular reviews. We have been delighted at the exciting, well focussed lessons that we have seen with many examples of really innovative teaching. During the walk around we looked at children’s work in books, the pitch and pace of the lesson, and behaviour of the children, amongst other things. Without exception children show excellent behaviour throughout school which we are very proud of as a result of very strong relationships.

French and music in KS2

French got off to a great start on Monday this week with our new French teacher Michael. Mrs Costello will be sending out letters this week about this year’s music offer, which we are excited about.

Ashleigh’s Outdoor ideas

Enjoy blackberry picking and use the fruit to make jam or crumble! All free if you find good blackberries! Each week we will offer some free and low cost ideas from Ashleigh, our forest school coordinator on activities to enjoy in our great outdoors!

Uniforms in School

PE uniforms in school have been noticeably better this week. Many thanks to parents for supporting the uniform policy. The children are always happier when their uniform doesn’t make them look different from their friends.

Safety on bikes!

We love to see the children coming into school using their bicycles and scooters. However we ask that on school premises they keep themselves and others safe by always walking. Remember the safety advice is for all children riding a bike to have a helmet.

Operation Encompass

Just a reminder to families that we are part of this programme. Police notify a designated member of the team by 10am the next day if there have been reports of incidents outside of school to allow us to be on standby if children need our support.

Y4 staff plans

For parents and pupils in Y4 Lucy Pallas will be training during this academic year towards a teaching qualification. Congratulations Lucy for getting onto this challenging course!

Lunchtimes and playtimes

During whole school assemblies this week, the children have been reminded about the importance of fair play and school rules. We encourage our children to be confident, and emotionally secure in an environment which is nurturing and encouraging. However unkind words, deeds or actions which deliberately hurt others are unacceptable and are not tolerated. The children regularly show outstanding behaviour towards one another in the classroom and we have reminded them this week that the same behaviour is expected outside the classroom too.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YR 100% (0)
  • Y1 97% (1)
  • Y2 99% (2)
  • Y3 98% (0)
  • Y4 98% (0)
  • Y5 97% (1)
  • Y6 97% (0)

YR win extra playtime this week for best attendance and no lates! Well done!

Achievement Awards this week …

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