School Newsletter

Creative beyond belief at CVPS!

Around school this week we have seen fabulous creativity from both the children and staff teams. TT Rock Stars in Year 3 now have a hot seat competition to challenge pupils with the speed of recall with their times tables. Our early years team have been baking gingerbread and creating potato heads, and in Year 5 the class have once again refined their Greek pots, developing the skills they showed last week.

Year 4 pupils are using drama to develop a sense of connection with key texts. The creative buzz around our school, whether with trumpets, piano, drama, fine art or role modelling inspires our children to have fun while learning, engaging them with activities that serve them well. The children are so responsive to these experiences it really is a joy to teach them!

School council update

This week the school council were asked to critically consider how we deliver the Friday Achievement Assembly and they have come up with some amazing ideas. What a mature and sensible gang they are!

Forest school hoodies on the way soon!

We are in the process of sourcing the most cost effective ‘forest school hoodies’ that we would like children to have in school for forest school from November. Our newly revitalised forest school has some exciting developments that Ashleigh will share with families in an update newsletter due out soon. We are hoping the children will be able to sew on their new forest school badges as they achieve them onto their new hoodies!

Outdoor Ideas from Ashleigh

During autumn time conkers are a children’s favourite to collect but what can we do with them all?
You could make little conker animals by painting, glueing or even arranging them to look like your favourite creature. Bring them in to share with us and then we could display them in the yurt or in your own garden if they would prefer.

Hair Styles in school

Just another reminder that the school uniform policy states, ‘tramlines and shaved patterns are not acceptable.’ Please remember this when making choices during term times for hairstyles for both boys and girls.

Achievement awards this week for…

Kindness champion this week is Carter Merrett

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