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Lest we forget… Remembrance Sunday. The children worked hard in forest school this week to create a memorial linked to Remembrance Day. It was lovely to hear one of them volunteer a prayer at the end of the afternoon during reflection time.

“Thank you for all the soldiers who helped to save our country…” They were so interested that Ashleigh has offered the opportunity for them to continue their interests through another of her ideal outdoor ideas later in the newsletter.

Year 7 feedback from Cramlington Learning Village

I enjoyed a wonderful visit to Y7 this week to see how they have settled into JLV. What a wonderful bunch they were, able to identify key areas at CVPS that they felt prepared them well and what they felt might prepare them even more. They have all done exceptionally well in their transition socially and have engaged well with the new staff and other students. Mr Clark complimented them on their manners and their social skills. The aspect they agreed as a whole that they found most challenging was the step up in homework. Alongside other homework, they are expected to read thirty minutes every night, and record their reading in a log. I was curious about why the small minority who had found it challenging to read regularly at primary school, had stepped up the commitment to bring their reading logs into school every day. Almost unanimously they replied; “Detentions!”. We feel very affirmed about our decision to step up our homework expectations at CVPS as a support to pupil learning!

Forest School badge awards

Today in our achievement assembly we awarded badges to all the children who have achieved them last half term. These are awarded on merit and are not automatically given out to the children, who need to show proficiency in a range of skills to be able to achieve the badge. Congratulations to everyone who were awarded – we are so proud of all your effort and concentration.

Outdoor ideas

This week we have enjoyed making our Remembrance Garden. It would be lovely if you could create your own cross using sticks in your own garden. You may like to share a moment of reflection, maybe saying a little prayer or thinking of people who have sacrificed their lives for us.

Cake sale

Reception and Nursery are raising funds for the Early Years outdoor area. They are having a bake sale in the Community Room on Friday 16th November at 2pm. Please feel free to come along with your children to buy a treat.

Children and staff in Reception and Nursery will be making treats to sell all week, however if you would like to donate some cakes they would be very grateful. We can only accept bought cakes. Please bring any donations in on Friday morning to the school office.

Online mathematics homework

Thank you to everyone who has given feedback about the new Maths online homework. EYFS And KS1 are going to continue with Doodle Maths. Sarah Koratzitis will send out new plans for KS2.

Forest school hoodies – oops

Great news! As a one off I have decided to use a part of the budget allocated to schools in this year’s budget to enhance the provision in forest school and to ensure full inclusivity for all children we will provide the children with a free forest school hoodie. This will be a one off only and any replacement hoodies will need to be purchased by parents. Please return the order forms (attached to the same email as this newsletter) promptly and by 16th November at the latest with the size you think your child requires. Examples of sizes are kept in school. Parents in KS1/EYFS will be responsible for ensuring these items of uniform are in school and able to be used every week. In KS2 we hold children responsible and consequences will be given to those pupils who do not organise themselves to have appropriate kit.

Parent consultations

On the afternoon of Wednesday 14th November we hold our first formal parent consultation this academic year. Please ensure that you have requested a time slot to ensure that you can celebrate your child’s achievements, as well as hear about their current targets. Some families are due to meet separately the following week if you are part of the structured conversation programme we are continuing to pilot this year.

Children in Need

After consulting with our school council, we have planned to celebrate Children in Need next Friday 16th November by inviting all the children to bring in a pound so they can wear funny socks. All the money will be donated to Children in Need from the funny sock donations.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YR 100% (1)
  • Y1 98% (4)
  • Y2 97%(4)
  • Y3 97% (3)
  • Y4 96% (2)
  • Y5 95%(4)
  • Y6 96% (1)

YR win extra playtime this week for best attendance!

Homework returns

  • YN 67%
  • YR 76%
  • Y1 60%
  • Y2 83%
  • Y3 TBC%
  • Y4 66%
  • Y5 84%
  • Y6 93%

Well done to Y6 again this week for excellent homework returns, closely followed by Y2 and Y5.

Kindness champion this week is Emily Taws-Bertram

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