School Newsletter

2019 The CVPS Year of The Book! This week the children wholeheartedly joined in with the launch of our whole school reading opportunity which will take place every Wednesday. This gives everyone, including me(!) a great chance to read any book of their choice, then briefly share with a partner what they enjoyed about the book they have chosen.

Everyone who took part were engrossed in their stories which was wonderful to see. If your child would like to bring in a book from home for this weekly twenty minute slot, please ensure their names are written onto the inside front cover. Those who don’t choose books from home can choose from classroom libraries or their reading folders.

Come and join our adult reading club (2019 Year of the Book)

There are many other reading initiatives coming up soon, that our English Coordinator will share with you in next week’s newsletter. Some of these include new books being purchased as well as a range of other initiatives, as well as planned author visits. 2019 really is going to be the ‘Year of the Book’ at CVPS!

Well done to all the children for completing their feedback about their reading habits. It’s come to light that as adults in school we also have a responsibility to share with the children positive reading habits which means we will try and make time ourselves to read for pleasure. We are interested in setting up a book club for parents to read through some of our books for older children. If you would like to be involved in this please let us know. There are so many amazing books for young adults we’d love to share them with you!

Whole school annual training day

Saturday the 19th January staff and governors came together for our annual training day. We enjoyed getting to know each other a bit better, celebrating some of the many 2018 successes and sharing our priorities for 2019. You can see from some of the photos that there was definitely some work going on, but in line with our usual fully interactive approach to all things of a learning nature – we had great fun too!

Ashleigh’s outdoor ideas…

This weekend it’s the RSPB’s big garden bird watch. Please complete the bird watch anytime between the 26th – 28th January. It must be completed in this timeframe to allow us to submit accurate results. Wrap up warm and go into your garden or local park to watch the birds for one hour. You could even create your own bird hide/ den. All classes have been given a tally chart to complete during their bird watch and I will upload a coloured copy on each Facebook page. Please bring your completed tally chart to your next forest school session and I will count up the data and submit it to the RSPB. This information helps the RSPB to monitor birds and spot any problems.

Forest school badge Awards

Thanks must go to our team of expert seamstresses, and iron-wielding warriors who diligently attached over 100 well earned forest school badges to our recently purchased hoodies. It’s been great to see the children wearing them in forest school this week. They are so proud!

Thanks to parents for supplying gloves, hats and warm socks which help the children enjoy being outside. As you will see from the photos above their enthusiasm for being outdoors was really evident. Our children don’t mind cold weather as long as they have warm clothes. Y6 were learning how to stay safe when lighting fires (obviously under close supervision!) while Y3 classified leaves. There was hot chocolate available in the heated yurt for regular breaks from the cold. We are set to regularly wash hoodies, returning them to their rightful owners. The children are delighted that their names are embroidered onto the waistbands.

Pilates in KS2

All the children have enjoyed the physical challenges of Pilates this term – you can see Y5 in the photo! It’s a lot more difficult than you think!

Attendance and Punctuality

Homework returns

Well done to Y6 this week for excellent attendance and Y5 for excellent homework returns…

Achievement awards

Kindness Champion this week is Jacob Roper

Dates for your diary