School Newsletter

Harvest time is a time to say thank you! Thank you to our families for wonderful support for our harvest celebration. Well done to all the children who shared their learning about harvest at the harvest festival on Tuesday this week.

As always their behaviour was impeccable and they loved the excitement of visiting St Nicholas Church. We still have until next Wednesday to receive donations of tins and packets of food to take to Cramlington’s food bank. Many thanks to all those who have already donated food, and thanks too for joining us at the church on Tuesday.

Tag Rugby festival for Y4

Well done to all our Y4 children who attended the Tag Rugby Festival on Thursday this week. A special well done to Morgan and Leah who won special sportsmanship awards.

Year 1

In Y1 this week the children have been learning the number bond song for number bonds to 10 and using it to write number sentences independently. They have been taking turns being superheroes – Captain Capital, Full Stop Hero and Super Finger Space – to write the perfect sentence.

Reception Stay and Play

Next Tuesday 17th October, our reception classes will welcome families to their classroom to share their play spaces and the work and play they do in those rooms.

Wednesday 18th October

This is the final day to donate for Cramlington’s food bank Pasta, beans, tinned fruit, pasta sauces, cornflakes, porridge, UHT milk are all needed. Many thanks for your generosity.

Saturday 25th November

Come and Celebrate our 5th Birthday! We have fabulous plans for Saturday the 25th November from 12.30 as part of our Open Day this year. Plans include:

  • An exhibition of our children’s learning
  • Travel on the Land Train
  • Visit Santa in our new yurt
  • Watch videos produced by Y5 and Y6 all about the history of Cramlington
  • Hear children singing songs they have learned about traditional folklore
  • Hear Ray Derrick perform with the children about the derailment of The Flying Scotsman

We are also publishing a commemorative book all about the history of Cramlington as written, edited and with artwork from our pupils.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YR – 98%(2)
  • Y1 – 97%(2)
  • Y1/2 – 100%(5)
  • Y3 – 96% (7)
  • Y4 – 92%(4)
  • Y5 – 100%(0)
  • Y6 – 93%(14)

Congratulations to Y5 who win extra playtime.

Parent consultations after half term

Check out the confirmed dates at the end of the newsletter with our Christmas Carol concerts. We will send out forms next week for parent consultations taking place on Weds 8th November.

Attendance and Punctuality

You can see some amazing attendance figures this week from the children in Y1/2 and Y5 – well done! The figures in brackets shows the lateness for each class which we will use alongside attendance figures to award prizes for attendance and punctuality. We will continue to use lateness in our attendance and punctuality awards.

Achievements this week


Diary dates