School Newsletter

Accelerated Reader programme is our highlight of this week.

Accelerated Reader Programme

Our children are becoming more immersed in reading than ever before! Staff were trained this week for the implementation of the Accelerated Reader (AR) programme after a full review of many reading schemes. Already harnessed by the local high school, we chose AR because it has been so successful at inspiring children to read. There are quizzes
at the end of reading every book, and the programme allows us to carefully monitor pupil’s reading abilities while they have a wider range of choice of reading materials, more loosely based around their ability. The focus is very definitely on providing reading material that aligns more carefully with children’s interests and the quizzes ensures the
understanding and themes in the books are adequately understood. We are delighted to be cataloguing all the books we currently have over the next week but would welcome any parent helpers if you can spare any time!

Bring in reading folders next Monday the 18th March!

When children Y2 to Y6 bring back their reading folders on Monday next week, we will be asking them to leave them at school as we begin the onerous task of a full inventory of our current book stock. Any family members who can help us with this mammoth task will be very welcome to lend a hand! Please call Gertie or pop into the front of school or let your class teacher know.

Ashleigh’s outdoor ideas

As Spring is here we have started planting in our flower beds to make them look attractive and to encourage insects and bees. It would be lovely if you could plant a seed or bulb for a flower or tree to grow in your garden to represent a special person or time in your life.You could share the pictures via email, Facebook or messenger with your Family’s individual story. Then every time you look at it you will smile :).

Community Forest School Day

Don’t forget to diary in Saturday the 6th April which is our Community Forest School day from 10 til 1pm. Come along and help us to plant, clear and spruce up our outdoor learning areas, and enjoy a hot dog cooked on our fire at the end! We’ll be all set for the summer with some great vegetables being planted, and tended over the coming weeks.

Parent open day Friday 29th March 2019 1-2pm

Families are invited to come and view the children’s work at the end of our STEAM week. The children will be able to showcase their learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. Come and be amazed!

Y5/6 July residential

This summer Y5 and Y6 are being given the opportunity to experience a residential learning expedition to London and then onto Paris. Please return letters by Weds 21st March
with the deposit to secure a place.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YR 98%(2)
  • Y1 100%(3)
  • Y2 97%(0)
  • Y3 100%(1)
  • Y4 98%(0)
  • Y5 97%(5)
  • Y6 100%(0)

Homework/reading returns (%)

  • YN 55/na%
  • YR 72/70%
  • Y1 73/47%
  • Y2 73/73%
  • Y3 96/65%
  • Y4 na/93%
  • Y5 73/78%
  • Y6 100/94%

Well done to Y1, Y3 and Y6 this week for 100% attendance. It’s is also the second week of 100% attendance for Y3 and Y6. Well done to Y6 for excellent homework and excellent reading at home returns.

Forest school newsletter

Don’t forget to check out Ashleigh’s special edition of her forest school newsletter that is sent out this week. The children really enjoy working towards their badges this term!

Year 5 and Year 6 were delighted to receive their final compilation of the artwork that they created with local artist Daniel Weatheritt. We have framed the work which will be displayed in school for all to see. Well done Y5/6 on some beautiful creations in the style of a Greek pottery theme from last term!

Achievement Awards

Kindness Champion this week … Joseph Collins

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