School Newsletter

A Happy Easter holiday to all our CVPS community! Community Forest School Day Our other highlight this week has been the tremendous efforts that took place last Saturday as we hosted another community forest school day. A huge thank you to everyone who visited and enjoyed contributing. We now have an amazing bird table, relocated storage and a special space for our pallets, a wormery, repainted Pinkie’s pen, repainted the pond fence, a fully weeded herb garden, a painted rainbow frieze, and lots lots more!

Y5/6 receive free invites to see Oliver Twist!

Thanks to Ashleigh’s enthusiasm (and blagging skills!) CVPS received a generous donation of 40 tickets for children and their families in year 5 and 6 to enjoy the Gateshead Musical Theatre production of Oliver Twist last week. Not only was it a fantastic opportunity to link up with Gateshead’s Musical Theatre Company to watch their production of
Oliver, but also they have developed exciting new links for future collaborative work. Well done to the Y5/Y6 families for getting along at such short notice and a huge thanks to the Gateshead Musical Theatre company! We look forward to working with you more next term!

Pupil Progress reports

I’ve met with all staff this week and been delighted with the evident progress that the children have been making in their learning. Behind all the competitions, dress up days, forest school themes, pigs, chickens, Easter Egg Hunting and general frivolity at CVPS, we have a real mission to help children achieve their best learning possible. At the end
of every term we assess the children and review their progress and I meet individually with class teachers and explore every individual child’s progress in English and Mathematics. We consider what works well for children’s learning and new strategies we can try to accelerate it. The rates of progress have most definitely entered an accelerated phase right throughout school and I am delighted about this. The ingredients for the success have undoubtedly been improved rates of attendance and engagement from all pupils, some brilliant support at home from families, structured conversations to explore individual targets, some excellent teaching and some very happy children. We know you will share our pride in your children’s achievements and please let us know if you think something isn’t working! We are especially pleased at the improved enthusiasm children have for reading with our new Accelerated Reading scheme! What a lovely way to end a busy old term!

Science Rocks Easter Egg Competition

The children really ‘eggcelled’ once again this year creating some wonderful competition entries. The ‘eggcellent’ ideas astounded the judges, from the musical definition of
rock, to the planetarium theme; from the cycle of new life complete with chicks, to carefully created plants from Year 1 (complete with ‘eggsplanation’ texts). We truly have
a very creative community! Judges found it eggstremely’ challenging to choose but decided on the following winners:

  • EYFS – James Dunning
  • Y1/Y2 – Evan Warner Freeman, Izzy Griffiths
  • Y3/Y4 – Charlotte Murray
  • Y5/Y6 – Louisa Low

Adult prize this year also goes to: Sonia Vallance

We hope that you all enjoyed the experience and can get some inspiration from the photos here on trying something different next year! You will find extra dates on the
calendar at the end of the newsletter for the learning expeditions that have been arranged for next term. Please check carefully for Sports Day events too that have been added.

Ashleigh’s Outdoor news

Ashleigh would like to give a heartfelt thank you to all of our families and staff who gave up part of their Saturday to support us to develop our Forest School area for our children.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YR 99%(2)
  • Y1 99%(5)
  • Y2 99%(1)
  • Y3 96%(3)
  • Y4 90%(2)
  • Y5 99%(8)
  • Y6 100%(2)

Homework/reading returns (%)

  • YN 50/na%
  • YR 50/61%
  • Y1 37/57%
  • Y2 66/49%
  • Y3 91/48%
  • Y4 75/75%
  • Y5 94/94%
  • Y6 94/100%

Well done to Y6 this week for 100% attendance and who have had 100% all this half term.

Achievement awards

Kindness Champion this week … Eeva Tudor and Brooke Cunningham

Congratulations to this term’s 100% attendance winners who are:

Archie Chambers, Leo Edington, Joseph Gorton, Eva Jordan, Caileigh Rutherford, Elliot Hopkinson, Carter Merrett, Joshua Mitchell, Luke Russell, Sienna Thirlwell, Maddison Dickinson, Maddison Fyfe, Jessica Gorton, Matteo Trevisan, Evan Warner-Freeman, Ryan Wells, Maxwell Wren, Antonio Atzeni, Daniel Culyer, Jacob Edington, Caelan Hooton, Reece Hopkinson, Kevin Kilpatrick, Ruby Lewis, Nico Lish, Max Pearson, Jacob Roper, Jack Rowell, Anna Shanley, Charlotte Vaughan, Jay Wells, Katherine Doris, Elizabeth Rutherford, Ashveer Singh, Miles Straker, Jayden Thirlwell, Leo Trevisan, Lacey-Flo Young, Daniel Brogan, Joseph Collins, Max Edington, Niamh Gorham, Samuel Gorton, Connor MItchell, Ethan Vaughan, Tia Welford, Rowan Black, Hollie Brown, Kayden Dickinson, Jack Hewitt, Courtney Lewis, Morgan Lumsdon, Leah Rowell, Izzy Ward, Thomas Brogan, Jasmine Daykin, Ryan Daykin, Tyler Dickinson, Corey Hooper, Finlay Jackson, Louisa Low, Ella McRoberts, Ryan Metcalf, Mitchell Patterson, Sophie Roper.

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