School Newsletter

A successful Sports Day 2019! We had booked dry weather so were pleased at the turnout for sports day this week. Our children skipped, hurled, threw, jumped, ran, raced and cheered as both children, families and staff took part in a very active day. We were amazed that we clocked up around 18000 steps each as adults – many of us couldn’t keep up with the children. It’s been a wonderful occasion, celebrating the fabulous offer of sports that Nicole Weatheritt as our PE coordinator has organised for the year. We are about to upload our Sports Premium document onto the school website and when it goes on we’ll send you out a copy to showcase the many sports we do as a school. All the children showed their delight as you can see from the many photos! Well done to everyone!

We also took the option of sending out annual school reports electronically this year with favourable feedback so far from our families. As I shared in the letter I’m so proud of how well the teachers know individual children at our school – and have been bowled over by the professionalism they show through the children’s written reports. Please find time to complete the feedback forms as we really do seek feedback from families about how you and your child feels their progress has been.

And we were delighted to hear from Ashleigh, as our forest school leader, that we are being sponsored by Asda at the moment for their token awards. If you can get family and friends to put tokens into Asda in Cramlington at the end of your shop, Ashleigh is raising money for forest school activities next year. The charity with the most tokens receives £500 and the next most receives £200. Fingers crossed.

Our new reading area in the yurt was one of my favourite photos from this week. Reading has become a revered ‘thing’ at CVPS. £1000 of extra reading books, as chosen by the school council arrived this week and we have been adding them to the large library that we now have. Children are so excited when they talk about which book they are reading!

Ashleigh’s outdoor idea…

Use petals to make a beautiful smelling potion/ perfume. Don’t forget to bring them into Forest School.

Theatre performances next week!

We still have tickets available for our theatre productions which take place next Weds 3rd July at Blyth’s Phoenix Theatre. Timings are as follows:

Y1 and Y2

Julia Donaldson’s dreams 10am

Y3 and Y4

Alice in Wonderland 2pm

Y5 and Y6

Oliver Twist! 6.30pm

REAL planning days for staff

Please prepare your children for the following days when the usual teacher will be planning for next term’s new inventor topic!

Thurs July 4th

Y6 and Y3 staff out of school

Tues 16th July

Y4 and Y5 staff out of school

Weds 17th July

Reception staff out of school

Weds 24th July

Y1 and Y2 staff out of school

As always we are covering release days internally with our senior staff, Lisa Brown, Ashleigh Galloway and Amanda Milligan, and Higher Level Assistant Teachers.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YR 94%(0)
  • Y1 96%(7)
  • Y2 96%(0)
  • Y3 92%(1)
  • Y4 95%(1)
  • Y5 89%(1)
  • Y6 99%(0)

Well done to Y6 for great attendance this week.

Homework/reading returns (%)

  • YN 63/na%
  • YR 66/68%
  • Y1 55/45%
  • Y2 67/75%
  • Y3 88/79%
  • Y4 100/89%
  • Y5 65/65%
  • Y6 81/81%

Well done to Y4 this week for amazing reading and homework returns!

Achievement Awards

Kindness Champion this week … Thomas Brogan and Finlay Jackson

Dates for your Diary