School Newsletter

Journeys into new classes kick off our journey transition theme. Welcome to our new school councillors! Allison Morton our school council leader has already got the new school
council members on board with all classes from Y1 voting new representatives into post. The school council has been very active this year and they take lots of responsibility in key whole school decisions. I look forward to the newbies finding their feet over the next few weeks of school.

Children have settled well into their new classes, with all the transition work coming to fruition. A huge thank you to families who have updated transition forms, fed back to us
about what has worked well and shared with us their appreciated last week for the last academic year.

We spent our summer staff meetings allowing ample time for class teachers to share and receive information about pupils. This includes their pastoral, social and emotional needs, academic abilities, special educational needs and any friendship strengths and weaknesses.

Y6 visit Cresswell

Y6 enjoyed a free trip thanks to Groundworks Charity based in Ashington. They visited the beach, community centre and enjoyed a wide range of outdoor activities in the sunshine on Tuesday. Groundworks have asked to come to visit our Forest School provision after hearing how much we do in our Forest School – it’s amazing after they originally inspired us in 2012 in our first year open to deliver proper Forest School before we even had a field!

Last year’s pioneers continue …

A huge thank you to all the returning Y7 volunteers. We have had no less than 8 ex pupils attend school across all classes and the school office. They have been shown some of the
responsibilities of how to work and have all been amazing ambassadors for CLV as well as CVPS!

Performance DVDs

DVDs have all been ordered and are expected in school in time for this Friday or next week. Please bring in your payment (or enter onto parent pay) so that we can release your
excellent reminder of the children’s amazing Phoenix Theatre performances.

Zambezi Sunrise Trust cake sale

A huge thank you to everyone who supported the sale over the past two weeks. We raised a massive £146 from selling cakes, sweet treats and iced lollies. The raffle tickets sold last Friday raised £39 and the winners and prizes were:

  • Family of 4 Bowling tickets Jacob
  • Deacon Y2, Tia Welford Y5, Marcia
  • Barrett and Jack Nicholson.
  • Box of chocolate Leslie Stanmore

Goodbyes all round

The end of the summer term is a time to welcome in the new academic year and new classes, but also a time to say goodbye to those in the team who are moving on. This term we say
goodbye to Charlotte Armitage in Y1, moving back to Otley, Kirsten Hurst who will hopefully continue with us occasionally available for future supply work, and Rachel Smith our admin manager.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YR 96%(4)
  • Y1 95%(1)
  • Y2 94%(2)
  • Y3 97%(0)
  • Y4 96%(7)
  • Y5 99%(1)
  • Y6 95%(3)

Well done to Y5 for 99% attendance this week.

Welcome to CVPS 2019-2020 year of Oracy to help you be the best you can be!

Voice 21 Oracy update

Staff and children have been gently introduced to some of the strategies of the Voice 21 programme of Oracy that we are launching in September. Ask your children about our new oracy ‘non-negotiables’ and what the groupings are known as ‘onion’ and ‘fishbowl’ speaking groups. I wonder too how they feel about ‘rise and shine’! Watch out in the new term for some parent workshops that will inform you about this new exciting programme. Staff and children alike are all really enthused about developing more skills to express themselves verbally, which also involves supporting improved listening skills too.


We are so close to winning the £500 charitable contribution from Asda for their green token scheme! Thank you so much for sustaining our lead position. Keep reminding family and friends to buy from Asda and use the tokens in the CVPS slot! Ashleigh is hoping for some new spending money for much needed forest school resources so the extra money would be really welcome.

RIP to our chicken Blueberry

Sad news … we were so sad to have to take the decision to have one of our older hens, Bluebell put down this week. The vet advised that she was in a lot of pain and was unlikely to recover. The children in the team had the news broken to them gently and we have decided to make a small memory garden for her. Thank you to everyone who has cared for her so diligently – she was hatched in the reception class so has been a dear friend to many.

New awards for achievement assembly

From this week onwards our grammar champion awards will be replaced by the perfect presentation award. This will be to acknowledge and celebrate those pupils whose presentation in books (including handwriting) has improved. There will also be a weekly class award for the best presentation. Pupils will be rewarded with positive presentation and handwriting from Y3 onwards with a ‘pen licence’ and they can choose what type of pen they feel most comfortable to write with in their literacy books.

Kindness Champion award this week goes to … Lily Norman

Achievement Awards

Dates for your Diary

As this will be the last newsletter for this year we wish you all a very happy holiday.