School Newsletter

Welcome back to CVPS! Our classes launched their new topic ‘Can we beat the greatest invention?’ this week with some amazing experiences. Our Reception class visited the Discovery Museum on Tuesday and were able to explore and investigate. They enjoyed a sound workshop as well as some creativity of their own in the workshop space. Then on Tuesday Years 3 & 4 had a visit from
Northumberland’s digital team led by Nathan and Shannon.

Their learning workshops focussed on coding and programming, exploring miniature robots and programmable Lego to create their own robots. Fantastic focus and engagement from all the children made it a really special day!

Oracy update

Wednesday was our audit day as we welcomed Catherine Pass from Voice 21’s Oracy programme who is delivering training for us on Weds 18th September (Please remember no school for children that day!). Catherine was impressed with our CVPS culture and ethos which means we have a head start to embedding oracy across school. Some staff are already using new guidance from Voice 21, such as onion, and trio groupings, and ‘rising and shining’ when they speak.

Keeping Children Safe in Education 2019

Staff have been updated on the new safeguarding policy released by the Department for Education for this academic year. The most significant change this year is that it includes a new reference to the up-skirting offences which have now become a criminal offence.

While we wouldn’t expect this to directly relate to our children throughout school, by year 5 and year 6 it is relevant. We do teach children about the seriousness of using text messages, and other social media or internet gaming as tools to humiliate, embarrass or bully others. They need to be aware as they approach ten years old, that they become criminally responsible, and what types of behaviours are regarded as criminal. We will integrate this into our usual teaching about sex and relationship education that takes place with our oldest children in school.

Accelerated Reader update: new reading records and folders

For those children who are off the read write inc scheme of phonics, and working in the guided reading groups, there will be new reading record sheets sent home from Monday next week with new folders for their books. Parents will be pleased to hear that we expect the children to read independently and complete the reading records themselves. We will work with the children to help them to understand how to do this accurately. We have been delighted to learn that one of the children has read one million words already since starting on the new accelerated reader programme last spring. A huge well done to Samuel Gorton who will receive a book token as a reward for his avid reading – a true pioneer to be the first to achieve this!

Ashleigh’s outdoor ideas for next week …

We discovered a frog roaming around our Forest School and decided to create an area for
them to stay in. It would be great if you could create your own frog area, go frog spotting or
find out facts about frogs.

We’re pleased to meet … new children and staff!

We are delighted to welcome many new children to our school this term mostly in nursery and reception classes, but also in older classes too. A special welcome to Becci Fisher, our new Teacher in Y1, and Christy Shirley our new Nursery Teacher. For new and existing families, there are lots of ways to contact school …

Class facebook pages

You will be added onto your child’s class page once you have signed up to the code of conduct. This is the best way to notify staff of minor concerns such as lost uniform, reading book requests, or queries about consent forms, special event questions etc.

Facebook messenger

If you have a private message that you would like to send it is possible to send via messenger to school staff but it helps us if you post onto the class FB page when you have messaged us.

Phone calls

Please use the school number 01670 735177 option 1 to leave a message about your child’s absence
before 8.45 in the morning to avoid phone calls home. (This also saves the staff calling all emergency contact numbers if we have not heard from you!) It is regarded as best practice for safeguarding reasons to call home to locate and seek reasons for the children’s absence.

School office

The school office is open from 8.15 to 3.45 daily. Any visits to school after 4pm should be by appointment only as we have a duty to protect staff planning and preparation time for both the teaching and admin teams. The school email address is The school website also has lots of information including previous newsletters, term dates, etc

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YR 99%(1)
  • Y1 94%(1)
  • Y2 95%(3)
  • Y3 89%(1)
  • Y4 97%(2)
  • Y5 96%(0)
  • Y6 95%(0)

Well done to YR for 99% attendance this first full week for them at CVPS!

Kindness Champion award this week goes to… Lacey Flo Young

Achievement Awards

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