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Trips and more trips with lots of learning too! This week our Y1/2 pupils have enjoyed a learning expedition to the Discovery museum where they heard all about transport through the
ages and explored and investigated the five floors of interesting scientific objects! They had a wonderful time and were full of their news when they returned.

Y5/6 are visiting the Tullie House automator workshop today (Friday) so photos will come in next week’s newsletter. CVPS takes great pride in making sure that our children have positive experiences outside of school to raise aspirations and also to be able to support children to experience a wider range of vocabulary and stimulation than is possible in school.

Many thanks to Leo and Matteo’s Dad, who volunteered to deliver a chess club. This hugely popular event got off to a great start this week, as you can see from the photos above. Who would know we had so many children who have such a passion for chess!

Safeguarding our children

Routinely we teach our children how to stay safe in a variety of situations. This week in assembly we have been talking about the NSPCC Pants rule! This highlights in an informal, fun way that anything under pants is private! You can see more about the programme on the NSPCC website. The children were reminded about the Childline phone number 0800 1111 which is an option if they feel they want to talk to anyone other than those at home or school.

Uniform reminders

Next week we will be giving a priority to monitoring uniform policy. Please ensure that pupils follow our policy especially regarding nail varnish and shoes which seem to be common issues.

Lesson observations

Our teaching staff showcased their teaching this week as all were observed as part of our performance management programme. It was delightful to see the children participating so well in all that was offered – and to see their responses to our new teaching methods delivered this term. Great and outstanding lessons seen all round – using Ofsted generated criteria filled me with pride at the variety, quality and focussed learning taking place with lots of children having evidence of real progress after only three weeks in their new classes! Well done to our
teachers too – you all rock! I self graded our behaviour in school as outstanding once again
as a result of the highly positive mutually respectful relationships that take place routinely.

Ashleigh’s outdoor ideas for next week …

In Forest School this week we discovered some spider eggs. I’d like everyone to find out as
many facts as you can about different insects who lay eggs and take/collect photographs if
you can.

Parent Pay

Please ensure that you settle any charges entered onto parent pay as soon as possible. This has
been a hugely successful way for school to collect payments and families have reported they love the opportunity to be able to make payments online. If you are not yet using Parent Pay please pop into the school office for help in setting up your account.

Training day reminder

Please remember that next week Wednesday 18th September is our teacher training day – as updated on Facebook, by email and on school newsletters at the end of last term. School will be closed on Wednesday all day.

Harvest Tues 15th Oct

Please save the date of 15th October to be able to come along to our annual harvest festival at St Nicholas Church in Cramlington. Children look forward to this special event when there’s an opportunity to see and hear what they have been learning about why it’s good to be thankful!
Donations of tins, cans and packets of food are welcome from next week in school – we’ll share the list of things needed at Cramlington’s food bank when we receive it.

Safeguarding Update

We are aware that some children at our school are using online chat groups for which they are too young. When made aware of this we have a duty of care to report them to the social media
organisations. Please ensure that your children do not use online chat groups as these are often a cause of issues relating to bullying, low self esteem and anxiety for young children, including children in our school. The minimum age for most social media online groups, (including Fortnite online) is 13.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YR 99%(5)
  • Y1 100(8)
  • Y2 98%(7)
  • Y3 95%(3)
  • Y4 96%(0)
  • Y5 98%(0)
  • Y6 94%(0)

Well done to Y1 for 100% attendance this week but well done to Y4, 5 and 6 for no lates!

Kindness Champion award this week goes to … Max Morrison

Achievement Awards

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