School Newsletter

Perfect presentation progress provides pupils with pens! Last week’s Forest school basked under the sunshine while they gardened, cooked 3 course meals on the fire, and crafted clocks measuring with protractors (yes really!) to get the right number of degrees between the notches!

The art work in Y5 this week was inspirational as you can see from some of the examples in the photos below. And animal therapy club welcomed Halloumi the French Bulldog with laughs all round at her cute antics! Another typical week at CVPS – where nothing is really typical!

We are delighted that the children have shown huge steps of progress in their presentation this term even though we have only had four weeks of school. Last week was our first batch of pen licence awards which we celebrated as part of our achievement assembly on Friday. The children with a pen licence get to choose a black pen that they feel suits their writing best, from Melissa’s special box! Well done to our perfect presenters!

Food list for donations

Boxes of cereal, long life milk, bottles of orange squash, tins of spaghetti, tinned meals (spaghetti bolognese, steak etc) tinned new potatoes, tinned tomatoes, tins of peas, tins of carrots (or alternative vegetables as available) jars of pasta sauce, packet rice, jars of jam tinned fruit, tins of evaporated milk, tinned rice pudding, tinned custard, tins of corned beef, tins of ham or pork, tinned tuna, packets of sugar, tub of butter or margarine, bottle of mayonnaise, packets of instant mash, packed of biscuits, tea bags (80’s), tinned soup, coffee, packets of pasta sauce, packets of savoury rice, chocolate, packets of sweets, shampoo, soap, shower gel, washing up liquid, deodorants, donations of baby food, nappies, wipes etc are given to social services who distribute to people in need of baby products.

Well done to Jessica Gorton (left) who performed several complex dance routines in front of around 100 people last weekend. Thank you for sharing some of it with us in photos and videos! I hope you were rightly proud of yourself!

Keep sending in those certificates, awards and other recognition of the many wonderful things that your children do outside of school as we love to share their achievements on Fridays in assembly.

ASDA tokens

It’s the last few days of the ASDA token competition. We have caught up again but only a short time left now! Please ask family and friends to donate to Asda for this last weekend to move back into first position – only 3 days left!

Harvest Tues 15th Oct at 1.45pm

Thank you so much to the families who have brought in food to start our usual annual collection of donations for the local food bank. The Hope Centre in Cramlington supports many families in the area and they are looking for donations. Let us know if you would like contact details if you ever need support from the food banks – the Trussel Trust run some video information on their websites that explains how food banks have helped some families with their needs when they most needed it. The very long list on the next page is what they like to collect for the food

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YR 93%(5)
  • Y1 97%(3)
  • Y2 95%(2)
  • Y3 97%(2)
  • Y4 94%(1)
  • Y5 97%(1)
  • Y6 98%(1)

Well done to Y6 for excellent attendance this week.

Achievement awards

Kindness Champion – Olivia Hamilton

Ashleigh’s Outdoor Activity

Collect conkers with your family and bring them to Forest School.

Dates for your diary