School Newsletter

We won! A huge thank you to all our school community who have helped collect the ASDA tokens this past month! We just received an email this morning to say that it was very very close, but our school just managed to win the first prize for the community awards! We really appreciate the support that families have given to our quest to seek extra funding for forest school!

Ashleigh is meeting with the children next week to plan which of our list to prioritise – now we know we won first prize of £500!

Our school council are developing a campaign to clean up the school grounds, and encourage better habits in and around school. As you can see from our photos this week they love being outdoors!

“Our keep our school clean campaign is to make sure all litter goes into the correct bins around school. We are also going to have a fruit and vegetable bin outside every break time and would like to move the composting bin into the forest school area. Poster will be made and displayed in different areas to remind people to use bins, keep cloakrooms tidy and to look after belongings. Our aim is to keep our school tidy, everyone safe and to look after our environment”

Watch out in and around school over the coming weeks.

New governor vacancies

This week saw the first governor body meeting of the academic year. This dedicated group of around ten people from a range of different backgrounds, meet voluntarily throughout the year, conducting visits to school to be able to review its performance while supporting and challenging the school leaders in their roles. This week we reviewed pupil outcomes and leaders presented their areas of responsibility, and took questions. Looking at the effectiveness of the governing body we created exciting plans for the coming year, including the appointment of a governor with specific responsibility for reviewing and promoting Pupil Voice in school.

If you are interested in becoming a parent governor please let me know as we will have governor vacancies coming up soon. We would especially invite parents with a working knowledge of primary education following our recent skills audit. Let me know if you have any questions about the role, if you are interested and have around 3 to 4 hours each week when you can be available for governor roles.

Remember to dress warm for winter weather in forest school especially!

As the cold weather has started again – please ensure that children have warm trousers, (not leggings which aren’t warm enough unless under other trousers) and warm coats, including hats and gloves when the temperature drops to single figures. The children are out for at least an hour in the afternoon of their forest schools and although they are active throughout that time, warm clothes help them to stay focussed. Don’t forget to name your child’s clothes.

Food list for donations

Boxes of cereal, long life milk, bottles of orange squash, tins of spaghetti, tinned meals (spaghetti bolognese, steak etc) tinned new potatoes, tinned tomatoes, tins of peas, tins of carrots (or alternative vegetables as available) jars of pasta sauce, packet rice, jars of jam tinned fruit, tins of evaporated milk, tinned rice pudding, tinned custard, tins of corned beef, tins of ham or pork, tinned tuna, packets of sugar, tub of butter or margarine, bottle of mayonnaise, packets of instant mash, packed of biscuits, tea bags (80’s), tinned soup, coffee, packets of pasta sauce, packets of savoury rice, chocolate, packets of sweets, shampoo, soap, shower gel, washing up liquid, deodorants, donations of baby food, nappies, wipes etc are given to social services who distribute to people in need of baby products.

School nurse support

We have recently recruited our very own school nurse who will join us for a range of different health related activities next half term. Jane Crudace, is a well qualified, highly skilled nurse who has over twenty years experience working in primary schools. As a paediatric specialist she will provide a fortnightly drop in from November. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there are any additional health related workshops or information events that you would like by contacting email address.

Y5/Y6 Sats and transition

Parents are invited to attend an important event informing them about end of key stage tests and
making choices about schools on Thursday this week at 4pm in school.

Food bank collection

This week we have been learning about the meaning of harvest and how hard farming communities work to bring us the foods we eat. The children learned that our local food bank is collecting for those in the Cramlington community who sometimes struggle to provide food for themselves. Please check out the list on the next page and if you can send in just one item it will help the
children to feel part of our whole school donations.

Harvest Thanksgiving Service at St Nicholas Church (15th Oct at 1.45pm)

On Tuesday next week we will be walking up to St Nicholas Church for our annual Thanksgiving Service. We will be able to give access to families from 1.30pm and plan to start at 1.45pm. Children can be collected from the church at the end of the service and we will walk back to school with any remaining children afterwards.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YR 98%(2)
  • Y1 99%(6)
  • Y2 95%(5)
  • Y3 97%(4)
  • Y4 97%(4)
  • Y5 97%(1)
  • Y6 100%(1)

Well done to Y6 for 100% attendance this week. Y1 were really pleased to see they were close to
100%, but we noticed there were 6 lates in the class – that they will be working on next week!

Please remember the register in class is taken just after 8.30am when school starts.

Achievement awards

Kindness Champions – Erin Hamilton and Tallula Dowden

Ashleigh’s Outdoor Idea

Walk around your local area and take photos of different types of berries. We can check them against our berry identification sheet in Forest School. Please remember some berries are poisonous so should never be eaten unless checked by an adult.

Dates for your diary