School Newsletter

Welcome to the autumn harvest 2019! We always enjoy our visit to St Nicholas Church in Cramlington Village to celebrate Harvest Thanksgiving as part of our annual events. And this year was no exception – as we enjoyed hearing what the children had learned all about harvest from both a Christian and world perspective. Thank you so much for all your
contributions for harvest which we are donating to the local food bank at The Hope Centre in Cramlington. We are really grateful for such a positive turnout from families and the children were so excited to see you all, despite a few nerves!

We take great pride in what the children achieve and some of the staff team felt this year’s harvest was one of the best yet! Well done everyone – and in the spirit of being thankful we truly appreciate everyone’s contributions, whether practising words or songs with the children, donating food, or coming along on the day.

Safeguarding our children with road safety

We have spoken to a number of children in Y4, Y5 and Y6 about road safety this week after groups of CVPS boys were seen on two different occasions running across busy roads close to traffic and even lying down in the middle of the road – seemingly for a dare / joke. Please remind your children that when they play out on their own they need to keep themselves safe. Cars and road traffic accidents are the biggest killer of children and young teens in the UK and we don’t want any of our children to become a statistic. If
your child regularly plays outside remind them about road safety. We are tackling this issue in the coming weeks in both class and whole school assemblies.

Y6 Sats and transition

Y6 pupils MUST send in high school applications before 31st October. This is in the middle of the school holiday so please make sure you use the links on the class facebook pages if you are unsure about how to apply.


As a school we like to have an open door to the many different communication routes that we offer to support our children. As part of a national review of teacher workload we
are considering how we can reduce the hours that teachers spend outside of school on work.

Consequently for next half term and during the holiday period we would really seek to trial a policy that removes expectations for staff to respond to non urgent emails and facebook messages outside of directed time which runs from 8 until 4pm. So with the exception of emergencies, staff will respond to class facebook messages or emails during term times between the hours of 8 and 4. A reading book change, TT Rockstar issue or lost sweatshirt (as much as they are inconvenient) aren’t emergencies! Thank you for your understanding and support in our mission to support the wellbeing of our wonderful teaching team.

Happy half term holiday!

As I shared at harvest festival event, we have had a busy half term with lots to be thankful for. We now have oracy becoming embedded with the children showing more confidence to stand up and speak throughout school. We also have have our new checklists for writing as well as our new more effective reading scheme.

And having reviewed pupil progress alongside the other leaders in school these new initiatives are all having highly positive impact on all children. We wish you all a happy and safe half term holiday and look forward to the children’s return on Monday the 4th November when we will hear all their Halloween news!

Thank you once again for your continued support – it really is invaluable!

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YR 100%(3)
  • Y1 96%(5)
  • Y2 99%(8)
  • Y3 99%(2)
  • Y4 98%(8)
  • Y5 96%(2)
  • Y6 99%(4)

Well done to YR for 100% attendance this week.

Achievement awards

Kindness Champion – Leah Rowell

Ashleigh’s Outdoor Idea

During the holidays you could go for a spooky walk in the dark with your family. Can you hear bats flapping, owls hooting or crickets chirping? Let me know when you return after the holidays.

Dates for your diary