School Newsletter

Remember your ticket for Christmas lunches next week! Last week we were delighted to welcome Asda’s community coordinator Jackie who came to present us with our first prize cheque of £500 after winning the local community green token award. The greenhouse for forest school – with specially strengthened safety glass (!) has already been ordered and Luke’s amazing ground plans have been printed and framed to remind us what we are aiming for. We can’t wait to grow more
vegetables next week!

Remember to get your guess the name ticket for the huge unicorn at the front office.

Infection control in school

A huge thank you to all the families who have been so appreciative of school’s approach to managing the extensive sickness that has hit school this week. A combination of chicken pox, norovirus and sore throat/high temperature infections have meant that we have been very cautious about sending children home as soon as they present with high temperatures, vomiting and tummy pains. Our wonderful cleaning teams have spent extra time sanitising classrooms and deep cleaning some of the usual areas more frequently to minimise our risks of cross infection. The
children have been very good at heeding reminders for handwashing, and sneezing/coughing into tissues and hands. We are crossing everything that everyone gets well soon and can recover in time for their Christmas lunch. Please let us know if your child misses their Christmas lunch early next week as we may have space to add them onto the last day next Thursday if they recover in time.

Huge thanks to Y4 staff for sharing their oracy triad practising summarising. They also made great use of Kung Fu to support punctuation in class summarising!

As a school we are so proud of the very varied ways we teach our children. They show us they really enjoy learning in every class!

Hate Crime workshop

Pupils in key stage 2 were given the opportunity to hear from the police all about hate crime, what it means and the importance of showing respect and tolerance to people. The children are now very adept at explaining it in terms of making sure that you treat everyone fairly and that you don’t say unkind things to people about the way they look, their religion, disability, race or culture. They even got to dress up and hear about what happens if you are arrested for a hate crime to explain how serious it is. We loved the PC Hamilton look!

Christmas is coming …

Usual dinner price for the children and £6 per adult.

Tues 3rd Dec – Nursery, Reception and Y1 from 11.30am
Weds 4th Dec – Y2, Y3 from 11.45am
Thurs 5th Dec – Y4, Y5, Y6 from 11.45am

Feel free to send your child in on the day of their lunch in a Christmas Jumper (only if you
wish) Please don’t feel obliged to buy one especially! The school Christmas Carol service is at St Nicholas Church on Tuesday the 10th December at 1.45pm. This will be a chance for a traditional nativity alongside some readings and a few thoughts on how to survive Christmas busyness.

We look forward to seeing you there.

We will be selling raffle tickets for the amazing Christmas raffle!

Bag packing at ASDA

Ashleigh has arranged to provide ASDA in Cramlington with a team of bag packers from Y4 upwards who can help on Sunday the 8th December from 11am to 3pm. We hope to raise some money from the
community towards even more goodies in Forest School. If you are interested check out (excuse
the pun) the class facebook pages.

Every child offering to help will need an adult from home to support. We’re hoping our Rangers can lead the way!

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YR% 85%(5)
  • Y1 82%(4)
  • Y2 74%(2)
  • Y3 89%(0)
  • Y4 81%(2)
  • Y5 84%(5)
  • Y6 92%(2)

Well done to Y6 this week for excellent attendance.

Achievement awards

Kindness Champion – James Dunning

Ashleigh’s Outdoor Idea

It would be great if you can create a Christmas decoration using natural materials for your class Christmas trees.

Dates for your diary

Please check all the dates below so you don’t miss out on what’s happening this coming term.

Information from the School Nurse about winter illnesses

It’s that season again when everyone is snuffly and coughing so I thought it might be helpful
for you to have some facts about cold and flu hopefully to prevent you and your children
getting it.

Colds are caused by viruses and easily spread to other people. Colds are spread by germs
from coughs and sneezes, which can live on hands and surfaces for 24 hours.

To reduce the risk of spreading a cold:

  • wash your hands often with warm water and soap
  • use tissues to trap germs when you cough or sneeze
  • bin used tissues as quickly as possible
  • don’t share towels or household items (like cups) with someone who has a cold
  • don’t touch your eyes or nose in case you have come into contact with the virus – it
    can infect the body this way
  • stay fit and healthy

What doesn’t cause or cure cold

Being cold. Being cold doesn’t cause colds! Colds are caused by a virus. Unless you are
so cold that you get hypothermia, which could make you susceptible to infection, wet hair or
clothes won’t increase your vulnerability.

Feeding a cold – starving a fever is an old wives tale. Eating healthily all the time is most
important. Balanced diet when you have cold is even more important.

Antibiotics cure the common cold. No they don’t! Antibiotics treat bacterial infections. Cold is
a virus so antibiotics are no use in treating them. If you have too many antibiotics you are
more likely to get yeast infections as a side effect.

If you want to talk about your child’s health you can make an appointment to see me in
school. It’s a lot quicker than trying to see the GP!

Stay Healthy!

Jane Crudace – School Nurse