School Newsletter

Science everywhere at CVPS with rain gauges, dentists, and investigations. Science has been in every corner and every lesson this week. Early years welcomed a friendly and very knowledgeable dentist, Pat Henzell who has explained the importance of brushing teeth for at least a minute on the top and bottom. The children practised on their dolls and teddies in the class and then brought toothbrushes in later in the week and have been practising on their own real teeth at school. They have looked at dentures, and models of teeth and found out what foods hurt teeth with different experiments. Not only have they had a dentist visit they have also been out visiting our local care home at Northlea Court – you can see the photos at the end of this newsletter.

Meanwhile in Year 1 and Year 2 the children have been making rain gauges, and investigating melting points. They have kept records of their observations and even used them outside as part of their forest school programme.

In the older classes in school it’s been assessment weeks. The children sit a mid year assessment test paper, which tells them whether they are working at around the level they need to, so they can be at roughly the expected levels for their age. These are in reading and mathematics. They then review their test papers and learn what areas they have as targets. We are really proud of the progress all the children have made. And hope they are as proud as we are!

Parent admin volunteers

A huge thank you to those who have come forward to volunteer to support admin and reprographics. There are still some places if you want to join in!

Proposal for wind turbine – support needed!

We are at a closer stage to submitting a planning application for a wind turbine to be sited near the mound section of the school field to harness some green energy supplies. The pre-planning advice the school has received recommended that any supportive parents in the school community can send in an email of support to the account. This will aid the progress of the application as it will count towards our local community consultation. This application and project was originally developed by our first cohort of Y6 pupils who are now in Y8 so we hope to get things moving forward now!

Half term goodbyes

We are really sad that some of the children will be moving out of the area next Friday. We will be saying goodbye to Holly and Brooke in (Y5), Tyler (Y6), Naomi (Y1) and Charlotte in YR. I know that the whole staff team are really sad to see these two families leave our school and we hope you will take time to say any goodbyes next week
before they leave on Friday.

Reception 2020 admissions

We have been given preliminary names and numbers for places at CVPS in reception class starting September 2020. To date we have 25 applicants who have placed CVPS as their first preference. No places can be confirmed until the school admissions process takes place and is confirmed on April 15th. However it is likely that we will only have 5 places available and often we have a number of last minute requests. Please ensure that all paperwork is completed when it’s received and confirm your place as soon as it is offered
if you have siblings due to attend. There is an absolute limit of 30 places available.

Mother’s Day Forest School

All Mums/Mams (or female role models) are invited to come to Forest School and take part in some activities with their child. We have space for one adult per child although as a result of risks, siblings can’t attend.

  • Y5 and Y6 – Weds 5th Mar 1.15pm
  • Y1 and Y2 – Weds 18th Mar 1pm
  • Y3 and Y4 – Thurs 19th Mar 1.15pm

We are outside whatever the weather so please wear warm/waterproof clothes. This is an opportunity for you to come and see how our Forest School works and spend some special time with your child. (Don’t worry Dads / male role models we will have another one for Father’s Day).

Year 1 staff news

We have received Becci Fisher’s resignation from school and would like to wish Becci well for the future. Just to confirm that both Lisa and Lindsay will continue as the Y1 teachers until the end of the school year.

Parent governors

We received two applications from parent governors. The closing date for interested applicants is today the 7th February. More information will be shared in next week’s newsletter.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YR 96%(10)
  • Y1 96%(9)
  • Y2 92%(9)
  • Y3 97%(4)
  • Y4 94%(5)
  • Y5 96%(4)
  • Y6 96%(7)

Well done to Y3 this week for excellent attendance.

Achievement awards

Ashleigh’s Outdoor Idea

Become an expert poo tracker. What does hedgehog poo look like? Or is that fox scat?

Kindness Champion – Jack Mitchinson

Dates for your diary

Please check all the dates below so you don’t miss out on what’s happening this coming term.