School Newsletter

Half term already and we’ve achieved so much in 2020 so far! There really has never been a dull moment at school this half term. Our mid year assessments have shown phenomenal
progress from children. It’s noticeable that those children who have family support (for example with reading and homework) often make accelerated progress. A huge well done to all involved in helping our children’s learning improve – it’s been great to see the children’s beaming faces and personal sense of achievement when I’ve congratulated them individually. But while our school is judged on children’s learning – we all know that it’s just a part of school life. The exciting themes, topics and adult/child relationships at CVPS are what makes us really distinctive as a school, and we have loved seeing the children thrive this half term as a result.

This week you can see some of the enthusiasm of the children in the photos above. From George the tortoise and fraction work in Y1/2, to cheese-making and chocolate melting in Y4, gymnastic competitions in Y3/4 and Tag rugby and forest school digging and preparation in KS2. This week, like the rest of the half term hasn’t failed to show the diversity, engagement and super exciting activities that has been enjoyed right across school. We are super proud of the children’s achievements and are looking forward to you coming in next half term to share some of the activities. With confidence and pride children in Y4 shared what they have learned about coagulation, osmosis and rennet when I took a group of visitors around this week, Y3 were able to confidently explain about the composition of the earth and its crust (like pizza!). The visitors were bowled over by the breadth of vocabulary and the understanding our children have about some complex concepts. They were wowed by Willow’s use of oracy stem sentences, ‘Building on from what Jessica has said…’ in Y2. It always fills us with pride when our children do us proud – and this half term has been no exception.

Fantastic Gymnastics!

Year 3 and Year 4 represented the school at the local annual gymnastics competition and enjoyed a great morning. They showed excellent skills at competing and were great ambassadors for CVPS. You can see some of their photos above. Well done to them all!

Mayor Lorraine visits CVPS

Our town Mayor Lorraine came to host an assembly earlier in the week to explain to the school all about her role as Mayor as well as a bit about the town council. She was also able to explain to the children a bit about how the funding we raised for dementia will be used as she has links with Newcastle University where all the national research for dementia takes place. We look forward to inviting her again to hear about her great work!

‘rain rain everywhere and not a drop to drink’

Our children in Y1 and Y2 were delighted with the rain this week as they have been carefully watching their rain gauges! Finally they are filling up quite nicely! Safeguarding and child protection We have been informed by our local safeguarding teams that there is a new social media site that children are accessing. Omegle is marketed as a chat app for young people to ‘talk to strangers’ around the world. The app has a webcam option and users are encouraged to set a profile listing their interests and immediately they can jump in to chat with a completely random stranger or they can connect with people with similar ‘interests’. Then they’re immediately paired with a stranger. Due to its popularity with children and young people a large number of adults and children are using it and this has attracted a lot of adults. Chats are anonymous and young people do not have to share their identity, but it is the start of grooming in some situations. I have spoken to pupils in Y5 and Y6 about this and want to inform parents of all pupils to be aware of the risks associated. We have been told that sexually explicit messages are incredibly common when using Omegle. If on any occasion you believe that your child is being exploited online please contact the police and Northumberland’s Children’s social care team on 01670 536400.

Mother’s Day Forest School

Remember to set time aside for someone in the family or a family friend to come along to the special forest school sessions.

  • Y5 and Y6 – Thurs 5th March 1.15pm (Sorry it said Weds last newsletter but it’s definitely Thursday!)
  • Y1 and Y2 – Weds 18th March 1pm
  • Y3 and Y4 – Thurs 19th March 1.15pm

Ashleigh’s outdoor ideas for half term

Can you make your own herbal tea? Go on an adventure to find a range of herbs, nettles or edible flowers; pick them, wash them and add hot water. Delicious!

New governors

Congratulations to Kirstin Mulholland who is our new parent governor. Kirstin is Mum to Ralph and Joseph in nursery. We also appointed Margaret Shahin as a governor this week. Margaret works in the local authority in their literacy support team. We’re looking forward to them both joining our CVPS team!

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YR 100%(10)
  • Y1 100%(10)
  • Y2 94%(7)
  • Y3 98%(4)
  • Y4 94%(12)
  • Y5 99%(7)
  • Y6 97%(9)

Well done to YR and Y1 this week for excellent attendance.

Achievement awards

Kindness Champions – Jack Gauthier & Samuel Gorton

Dates for your diary

Please check all the dates below so you don’t miss out on the many exciting things happening this coming term.