School Newsletter

Business as usual at CVPS! It’s definitely business as usual at school this week. We have seen some amazing learning while adults in the world consider the national situation! Early years children explored and investigated the world around them with a focus on light and dark – building houses in the outdoors for Daddy Bear. Y6 problem solve using
the pond, and Y5 extract DNA from strawberries. Y5 have completed some inspirational artwork in their classes as well. Y4 watched the effects of heat on sugar and bicarbonate of soda as they made ‘cinder toffee’ they have been amazed about the quantity of sugar in their foods, and the impact of sugar on their teeth. In Y3 they now know the difference between soil types such as clay and compost – they have explored filtering and what happens during filtration. Year 2 have worked hard on some Andy Warhol examples, using printing methods and you can see their excitement in the photos above. Year 1 have been learning all about Emperor Penguins and starting to learn their speeches for our oracy day.

A huge thank you to all the families who have been supportive of the school hand washing strategies introduced following government advice last week. It has been a challenging week for us as a school to adopt to the daily changing situation and to put plans into place. All classes now have arrangements for pupils to use barrier cream if they need it following advice from the school nurse as well as our local pharmacist. Please let class teachers know if you have any questions.

Oracy Day

We are continuing our exciting plans for our oracy day, and if we are unable to deliver it for any reason, we will be using technology to promote the special event or postponing until a later date.

Access to school building

Following government advice we are asking families who feel ill not to enter the school building in the event that adults or children show signs or symptoms of the virus. This includes the most likely initial signs of high temperature followed by a dry cough, then potential breathing problems. There are signs at the front door about this. We are not giving access to any adults or professionals if they have any of these symptoms so please do not be offended! It is in an attempt to keep school open until directed not to!

REAL planning release days

Our REAL (Relevant Engaging Authentic Learning) planning topic has now been confirmed, ‘Is all history horrible?’ with a history and geography slant. Y1 and Y2 are exploring ‘Are our homes sweet homes?’ and looking at where they live and are looking to visit some of the children’s own homes as part of their learning! We are still looking to plan the more detailed versions for other year groups, which will be the following dates:

  • Weds 18th March Y3/Y4 staff will be out
  • Friday 20th March Y5/Y6 staff will be out

Remember Mother’s Day Forest School dates next week

  • Year 1 and Year 2 – Weds 18th March at 1pm
  • Year 3 and Year 4 – Thursday 19th March at 1.15pm

Forest school is outside so please dress accordingly.

Coronavirus update

Senior leaders in school have almost finalised plans in the event of a national directive to close the school. If this does happen it is likely to happen with very little or no
notice, especially if we have an outbreak in school. We have already had one adult in school who is nearing the end of self isolation and so we have taken more precautions maybe than other schools to be as careful as possible to minimise potential cross contamination. Thankfully the adult did not develop the virus. Pupils across school will continue to receive lessons delivered daily if the school closes – and so we are trying to confirm which pupils have ready WIFI enabled technology at home that they can use. Please let staff know if you do not have wifi or a laptop, iPad or desktop computer that can be used. Pupils entitled to free school meals will be offered a daily ‘take-away meal’ that Chef Lynn
will prepare daily and that will be available to collect from the kitchen door!

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YR 99%(0)
  • Y1 100%(3)
  • Y2 94%(5)
  • Y3 97%(2)
  • Y4 98%(3)
  • Y5 98%(2)
  • Y6 97%(2)

Well done to Y1 this week for excellent attendance.

Achievement awards

Kindness Champions – Erin Wraith and Jack Mitchinson

Ashleigh’s Outdoor Idea

Suggested by Forest School Ranger Mia – Find a rock and paint a picture of a wildlife animal on it. Hide it in your garden!

Dates for your diary

Please check all the dates below so you don’t miss out on what’s happening this coming term.