School Newsletter

There were lots of emotions at today’s Y6 graduation celebration in school with a jampacked day of activities. We congratulated each individual on what we saw made them distinctively different and then we spent time enjoying food, funfair rides and remembering good times.

The videographer Josh is working hard to pull together nearly 6 hours of footage to provide us with a recording of the special memories from today and to be able to share the graduation with families who would have usually been with us.

Due to the great weather and the fact that we had a marquee we were able to let children
from Y2 – Y5 to sit on the field around the edge of the marquee to be able to share the Y6 special day. And there were definitely watery eyes at some points of the morning. We couldn’t believe some of the gymnastic moves on the trampolines from Courtney and Katie as well as Jack and Jayden managing to jump the ‘meltdown’ poles as they whizzed around. And Chef Lynn made us a special commemorative cake that the children were meant to take home to share with families. I hope you saw a crumb or too if they hadn’t already eaten them. Each and every one of the children left school at the end of the day wearing their new leaver hoodies despite it being one of the hottest days of the year!

We will always remember this gang for their very distinctive characteristics as they have definitely been a class of individuals who have some uniquely different characters. However they have shown great strengths accepting one another and showing care, concern and respect for one another as they have journeyed through CVPS.

Good luck Y6 we will miss you lots and look forward to hearing your news from high school.

This week we talked to the children about the end of chapters and the beginning of new ones. We are so excited that the vast majority of children are returning on Monday next week as the vast majority come back to us for a half term nearly. We have now planned some of the teaching strategies and can confirm that children in year groups with more than two bubbles, will be taught by their class teacher using technology to mirror the usual lessons. This means very little changes will be made to previous teaching methods allowing a lot of familiarity for the children. The first day we will review some of the usual routines which will be fairly different to the children so please ensure that your child can attend on Monday, and promptly to be able to hear about those routines. Class teachers have been planning activities and routines to help the children enjoy physical activities outside more than previously so be prepared as they may be tired! Thankfully the very hot weather will not be with us much longer so we don’t need to avoid being outside for long periods.

We will also be conducting a ‘walk through’ fire drill so everyone knows where to assemble in the unlikely event of a fire.

Those children who are not returning will now receive two welfare calls every week for staff to share with them a bit about what we have been doing in school and to signpost them to additional online learning when appropriate. As a staff team we feel this is even more important so that the children are able to readily integrate in the September term when all schools are now set to return.