School Newsletter

And so we say farewell to this academic year! Woodlice have been hunted, music has been made and Y1 have even looked at the pet ducks that have hatched in Lily’s home. There has been more amazing Y4 artwork as well. The children are amazing us (as they always do) with their innovation, enthusiasm and hard work in school this week, seeking to please in all they do. This is the last newsletter and we hope that you enjoy the very well deserved summer break from the end of next Tuesday.

It was a delight to read some of the many comments following the end of year reports. These were all sent out to families using the email addresses you supplied us with earlier in the year. Please confirm you have received them by clicking on the link in the email or replying to the email, and if you can take time to give feedback on the survey, particularly to your class teachers we would really appreciate that.

Gifts to and from school

We are working stringently to the risk assessment that we have in place, and so we need to minimise any non-essential resources between home and school. We are mindful that some of the children have made or written cards or notes, and some of the staff have bought things to give out to the children too. I’d like to reassure families that anything that is given out from school has been either sanitised individually, or left in quarantine for 72 hours before being handed out to individuals with good hand hygiene practices!

There is a box in the front foyer of school that will be left outside during drop off times, please ensure that any labelled cards or written messages can be placed into this box so we can share with the team. Thank you for your understanding about sticking to the rules about this during these challenging times.

And so farewell

Firstly I’d like to publicly pay tribute to Jeanette Bain who has taken the decision to retire. Jeanette has been instrumental to so many children across school who have thrived as a result of her skilful counselling and ‘gentle but firm’ Thrive approach she is trained to deliver. Her non judgemental, non-demanding style allowed children to freely share their thoughts, anxieties and dreams with her. She was able to teach them how to self regulate if they had tendencies to lose their temper, and how to manage their feelings in a safe, respectful way. She offered infinite patience with all of us, and showed a nurturing care that played a huge part in the creation of what I feel is a really special culture at CVPS. She will not only be missed by the children, but also by their parents, as well as by many of us as staff here, who she also showed care and concern to. Thank you Jeanette for all that you’ve done for us, we are all going to miss you so much!

We also wish Rebecca Simmons all the best and thank her for the many inspirational opportunities she offered to so many children mostly in our early years team. Rebecca has delivered some engaging music activities throughout school, and she has an amazing singing voice. Although she has only been with us for a short time, she will have definitely left a positive legacy.

And we couldn’t forget to mention Lindsay Johnson who stepped in to support our Y1 treasures this year. Lindsay has provided a nurturing care, with a good dose of humour about everything that she does. We are hoping we might see Lindsay again in the new academic year as she is available to us for supply, so finger’s crossed for that!

I’d like to take this opportunity in our last newsletter of this academic year to thank each and every one of you for the support and encouragement you have given to us. I am so proud of everything you achieved during lockdown with your children, knowing how hard it was for everyone, and to wish you all a safe and restful summer break. We look forward to returning to a semi normal autumn term in September. Happy Holidays everyone!

100% Attendance winners

We are so proud of the children who managed 100% attendance as well as 100% punctuality, even if it was just until March 20th 2020.

Medals and certificates go out today to the following pupils:

Courtney Lewis, Izzy Ward, Lulu Usher, Sam Gorton, Max Edington, Ethan Vaughan, Leo Trevisan, Jacob Edington, Ruby Lewis, Rosie Gillespie, Jack Rowell, Lucy Manson, Eeva Tudor, Eliza Hill, Matteo Trevisan, Jessica Gorton, Megan Wilkinson, Caileigh Rutherford, Joseph Gorton

A huge well done to all of you!

CVPS Family news

This week we welcome our new staff who have been in school preparing for transition weeks.
Amy Biggins has joined the current reception class, and will be taking the children into Y1 from September. She has already made a great impression on the children who have said how much they like her!

Laura Dunn has joined the CVPS family as our new Early Years Coordinator. She has been out to meet all the new reception children (obviously in a socially distanced way!)She is busy ordering new equipment for the storytelling pod as well as getting to know you all!

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YR 92%(0)
  • Y1 96%(0)
  • Y2 97%(1)
  • Y3 95%(0)
  • Y4 91%(1)
  • Y5 98%(1)

Well done to Y5 this week for excellent attendance.

Ashleigh’s outdoor idea

Kindness champions

Zack Thompson, Ashveer Singh, Ben Drake and James Drake.

Achievement awards

Dates for your diary