School Newsletter

Almost in the swing of things this term. The beginning of the week got off to a fantastic start as our new resident artist Jane McCracken joined pupils in year 3 and 4 to share some of her amazing skills as an artist specialising in wild animals.

The children learned about some of the wildlife around them and what would be classed as endangered and then they looked at how you can use biro to create amazing images. You’ll see from photos from Y2 as well that demonstrate ‘How does art change the world?’ is in full swing. Our new art sketch books allow the children to explore and experiment using a visual diary to document their artistic thoughts. They will start to describe what they have drawn and explain some of the reasons they have chosen specific media to use. We can’t wait to host the exhibition – at the end of this term – more news about that to follow!

Then Covid again…

However by mid week as a result of a parent testing positive for Covid in Y3 (despite the child testing negative!) and a handful of inconclusive test results from others in the class, I took the precaution of closing the Y3 bubble pending advice from the Public Health authorities. Securing the advice was the biggest challenge – but eventually when it came there was a very careful analysis of the current situation by the public health consultant. This analysis is heavily reliant on accurate feedback from parents so please pass on dates of symptoms starting as well as exactly what the symptoms are when you inform us of your child’s absences. Thankfully we have not yet had a positive Covid test in our school but we know of other Cramlington schools where there are. The current virus in Y3 has had symptoms of a cough but all those children tested for Covid have been negative results. Mrs Costello shifted straight into home learning mode and the children had their Wednesday lessons delivered online again using Seesaw which they celebrated on their
return to school on Thursday morning.

This was a stark reminder that the many control measures that we have in place are essential for us to be able to manage school safely – and thankfully they were effectively used this week more than previously. Please be reassured that unless children have a negative Covid test result they cannot come to school with a cough, high temperature or loss of taste/smell until 14 days after the onset of symptoms.

New road safety outside CVPS

The new barriers seem to be a really effective way of supporting safe crossing zones outside school. Thank you for encouraging your children to walk from the exit gate to the shop side of the road, by using the safe walkway.

Update on our storytelling pod

Our early years team are getting ready to move into the pod – which we have been told will be ready on Monday the 28th September. This very welcome addition to the EYFS
accommodation comes just at the right time. We are looking forward to getting the children settled into the new space that will enable them to enjoy a fantastic array of imaginary experiences. Keep an eye out in local press and websites as the local authority have launched a press release to celebrate the new building as it was funded by the government to develop places and support children’s early language skills. We are planning a grand ribbon-cutting opening for the children so might seek ideas next week on who we can invite to perform that exciting task!

Ashleigh’s outdoor idea

Have you spotted any leaves falling off the trees yet? Use a leaf to create an imprint in clay and paint it using autumnal colours. I cannot wait to see your designs.

Covid update

We continue to monitor staff and children carefully and have to follow guidelines about isolating anyone who has the following symptoms:

  • a new or persistent cough
  • high temperatures
  • loss of taste or smell

and they cannot return until they have either a negative Covid test or after 14 days of isolating along with the rest of their household. We need families to be as accurate
as possible about the symptoms as well as when they first appeared. We can only act on the information that parents give us. Please be reassured that if children do display
symptoms at school, they are removed immediately from the classrooms, isolated away from others with a member of staff wearing full PPE kit until a family member from their household collects them. We cannot now release the children to anyone other than who lives with them in this situation especially following the local lockdown announcements.

Collection of children

Following the local lockdown laws being implemented from Friday the 18th Sept, we must advise families that it is now illegal for anyone other than registered childcarers or
parents to collect children or drop them off at school. As a school we have taken the decision not to police this as we do not feel it’s our responsibility. However please be
aware that in the current climate – if extended family (other than your own household) collect children from CVPS, you are at risk of other parents from the school community
reporting you – as has been encouraged by recent reports.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YN 94%(1)
  • YR 97%(0)
  • Y1 95%(1)
  • Y2 94%(1)
  • Y3 86%(2)
  • Y4 93%(0)
  • Y5 96%(2)
  • Y6 93% 1)

Well done to YR this week for excellent attendance and no lates.

Achievement Awards

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