School Newsletter

Happy Half term everyone! A very well earned rest for everyone! As we come to the end of our first half term back under the new Covid arrangements we have enjoyed yet another non-stop busy week.

Our artist in residence, Jane Lee McCracken continues to inspire the children to produce some wonderful artwork and above you can see Y6 pupil Tallulah’s kangaroo and Y3 pupil, Willow’s mallard. Colour mixing in Y2 has seen some great skills developing too – and the children in Y5 and Y6 are developing excellent skills to be able to critique works of art, using words to describe the artwork such as chiaroscuro (the strong contrast in artwork between light and dark) personification and really deepening their analysis of art. We are looking forward to continuing this after half term to the end of December and hoping to put on an exhibition of our artwork in Manor Walks in December that will be open to parents and others in our local community.

Covid updates

Thank you to everyone!

Thankfully we have reached the end of half term without having to close any of our classes (bubbles) due to any Covid outbreaks. We are extremely thankful to families for being so diligent at informing us when any of the children developed symptoms. You have ensured that we have been able to isolate the children as quickly as possible, on an individual basis, saving full classes from having to be at home for large chunks of time.

Thank you so so much.

This has helped all those children who have been able to continue to attend school to make as much of their school experience as they could.

As we are approaching the new tiered system of lockdowns we are reassured that the government has stated that schools will definitely stay open if Northumberland moves to Tier 3.

Attendance and punctuality

We really appreciate that the CVPS Covid risk assessment has made drop off and collections different this term at CVPS. However by sticking strictly to the risk assessment we have been able to be fair to everyone, and work within the agreed controls. Just a reminder though that this does mean that anything other than urgent/emergency appointments during school hours, will mean that children need to stay at home for the full day.

Pupil Progress Reviews

I have thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the children’s progress with each class teacher this week. The knowledge of your children’s educational attainment that our staff can demonstrate always makes me very proud. They show care, concern, and expertise understanding each of the children in their class and not one child goes unnoticed in our school. We have identified key children who we will prioritise on our ‘catch up’ programmes of learning which will strengthen next half term when we are allocated two ‘catch up’ teachers from a government backed programme led by Teach First.

They will join our staff team and be led and developed by CVPS leaders to implement the same CVPS expectations to promote target children to ‘catch up’ with their peers. Please continue to encourage home reading as this has the most powerful impact on pupil outcomes if the children read more, they not only learn more, but they also develop a love of reading which is essential and a life long skill they can enjoy.

New assistant teacher appointed Y3

We are delighted that we have successfully recruited a new assistant teacher who will join Y3 after half term in Y3. Julie Slater joins us and provides passion, humour and a large dose of sensitivity and nurturing which has been left slightly unfilled since Mrs Bain retired last summer. We know Julie will settle well into the swing of CVPS life with our usual warm welcome, but also that she will soon get to know all the characters we have in school outside of Y3 too to give Gemma Sutton as our Thrive coordinator some much needed additional support.

We have been supported during the vacancy by our supply TA Kate Worthy in Y3. We thank Kate for the time she has given to help us over the past few weeks and wish her well in her next school!

Our daily mile successes

All year groups have now pretty much smashed their starting times as part of their individual daily mile challenge. Having measured the school field we now know that 6 full laps adds up to a mile and the children in every class from Y1 run this daily. One of our Y1 children started at 17 minutes per mile, and is now down to 12 minutes. I’ve been amazed at how the children compete against their own personal best times, and even Y1 run for the full 6 laps without stopping! They definitely put us adults to shame! -We are so proud of the children’s new found stamina and massively improved fitness levels. Well done everyone!

Ashleigh’s outdoor idea

It’s half term and we would like to see our children having some pumpkin-tasting fun! Whether you decide to make pumpkin soup, paint or carve. Pumpkin, share your pictures and let us know what you got up to. Forest school badges were assessed and new badges will be awarded next half term. Congratulations to Elliot Page who is our new forest school Ranger in Y2.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YN 95%(0)
  • Y3 93%(1)
  • YR 98%(0)
  • Y4 95%(2)
  • Y1 98%(1)
  • Y5 99%(1)
  • Y2 99%(1)
  • Y6 95%(0)

Well done to Y2 and Y5 this week for excellent attendance.

Achievement Awards

Kindness champions

Tia Welford, Lola Welford, Lily Morgan-Derby and Amneet Kaur.

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