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Some autumn sunshine helps outdoor learning! Some of the last days of September brought lovely sunshine that
makes our outdoor experiences so much more enjoyable as you can see from the forest school photos above. And I continue to be very impressed with the biro drawings created by the children. This is Ellie’s Mouse and Leo’s badger. Amazing attention to detail. Well done one and all!

This week’s Covid update

Leaders at school visited classrooms to review the learning programmes and the Covid systems. We saw all classes implementing consistent Covid control measures as given on the most recently revised risk assessment, which is available from the school website. I have nothing but admiration and respect for the significant number of control measures that the staff implement consistently throughout each day. Wearing face guards when teaching presents problems that we are not familiar with, and hampers the usual freedoms that come with class teaching.

However we all know they are a necessity to stay Covid-safe as much as possible. We are required currently to keep
windows and doors open as often as possible (while keeping an eye on the thermometers in classrooms). Please ensure that as the weather cools, your children wear extra vests or T shirts under their usual uniforms to stay as warm as possible when they come to school as we are keep air flowing around the classes.

It was heartwarming to see that children’s enthusiasm for learning has not waned after hand washing, sanitising and social distancing reminders throughout the day. Everything does take longer, and is a lot trickier compared to usual
CVPS life. Thank you everyone for doing your very best to stick to the Covid rules!

Staff news

We were really sad to hear that for now Tanya Morrow our Higher Level Assistant Teacher has stepped down from her role at CVPS after 8 years with us! We thank Tanya for all her support over the years and are pleased that we will continue to see her in her role as a CVPS parent! However we try to find the silver lining in any bad news. As a team we are delighted to let you know that our silver lining is that Danielle Mowbray from EYFS has been promoted to the role that Tanya left. Danielle already knows the Y1 children and is looking forward to spending some time with them again on a permanent basis from half term.

Danielle will be replaced temporarily by Kate Henderson from Little Angels in Cramlington Village. Kate is well known already to some of the children who attended there. Danielle will continue to support the nursery children on their arrival until half term alongside Kate and I’m confident that her sunny smile will charm the nursery children very soon.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YN 97%(0)
  • Y3 96%(3)
  • YR 96%(1)
  • Y4 95%(0)
  • Y1 98%(0)
  • Y5 96%(1)
  • Y2 97%(1)
  • Y6 91%(1)

Well done to Y1 this week for excellent attendance and no lates.


CVPS has a school homework policy that promotes children to become independent learners as they move through school.
Homework is now set for all children in KS2 as an online experience, and if your child has issues with technology or Wifi connections please let us know as soon as possible. Homework is sent out by classes on a Friday and is due back on a Wednesday and every child is set homework throughout school. In KS2 there is an expectation that all children will remember to complete their homework and if they don’t class teachers are at liberty to issue out a consequence to individual children. Please encourage good homework habits and let your child’s class teacher know if there are
issues with devices and connectivity if it hampers the children’s homework.

Y1/2 collections and drop offs

Parents are respectfully requested to ensure that they are socially distancing when collecting and dropping off children from school. Please remember that some parents are classed as extremely clinically vulnerable and to protect them you must remember to keep your 2 metres at all times when collecting and dropping off the children so we can all stay safe in these difficult times.

Ashleigh’s outdoor idea

It’s that time of year again where we all go bonkers for conkers! This week you could go conker hunting and then you could tell us how many you have found (practising your counting skills), create some natural art or even make up your own conker game. Don’t forget to share pictures in your class Facebook page.

Curriculum documents and Sex and Relationship Education at CVPS

We are delighted that our school curriculum documents have been praised by our school improvement partner from Northumberland’s Education Team. They have now been published on the school website here, if you would like to read things through.

From September 2020, the government expects all schools, including academies like ours to provide relationship education and education to help children aware of how their bodies change, how to stay healthy and how to be good friends. By Y5 and Y6 the children are able to discuss puberty, some sex education in a gentle, well managed forum.

Lisa Brown is coordinating this curriculum area and has additional information about the CVPS approach in an attachment sent out with this newsletter. Please respond to Lisa if you have any questions, suggestions or comments.

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