School Newsletter

Welcome back to all year groups! We were delighted how all classes got back into the swing of things at the start of the week on Tuesday. A huge well done to children, staff and parents who prepared so well for the returns. With
fantastically turned out new uniforms, great punctuality and a real patience from families with the new staggered start and finish times we really appreciate the team effort that helped us to get off to a great start.

It’s been so lovely to welcome the newest children to our school. our Early years classes have only had children in who are new to CVPS this year, and so it’s been great to get to know them all. Due to Covid the usual detailed transition and induction routines have not been possible and it was heartbreaking not to allow adults in school.

However we know from recent surges in Covid-19 that we need to be stringent about sticking to the school’s risk assessments that minimise adults in school. A huge well done to the staff and parents who have worked really well together to ensure that the children settled as quickly as possible. By Thursday this week we are virtually all happily (?) separating from our nearest and dearest first thing in the morning. This has been a brilliant achievement
given current conditions.

Applications for new entrants to CVPS in early years

As we welcome a full class of reception children this year, we are aware that pupil numbers across school are becoming busier. This summer we have 9 new children join CVPS across all year groups.

If you would like to apply for a nursery place for your child you can do this at any point in the school year. However reception places can only be applied for up to January 15th once the admissions window opens on 1st November. Please keep a note of this and with nursery please apply as soon as you know you require a place to avoid disappointment. For secondary applications reminders and more information will be sent out in the next week or two, once the secondary admissions portal opens.

Coronavirus reminder

And on the subject of coronavirus, please remember to keep your child at home if there are signs of the following : a new or persistent cough, high temperature, sore throat, loss of taste or smell. If your child (or anyone in your household) has any one of these symptoms you need to get them tested. Check out how to do this here.

Another CVPS National Success

We are delighted that two of our entries to yet another national competition have been successful!

Izzy Ward and Leah Rowell from last year’s Y6 received the runner up award for the TG Escapes Outdoor Learning Design Competition run in association with national school magazine for Headteachers. They were praised for their innovative and environmentally friendly designs, and their use of natural materials. We are so proud of the creativity our children produce and can’t wait to share images of the final designs when published next week.

As a school we have won a ‘tree pack’ which again we’ll publicise when we receive it so you can share in the rewards!

Well done last year’s Y6!

Update on the safety walkway at the front of school

The Council’s Highways team will be putting the barriers and walkway at the front of school into place so it can start tomorrow. Please use this to walk to the ‘shop side’ of the roundabout after leaving the school exit gate. We will be encouraging older pupils to be dropped off on the roundabout at the front of school to minimise parking needs and to safeguard their entry into school in the mornings. We’ll be monitoring safety carefully next week when it’s first introduced.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YN 100%(0)
  • YR 98%(0)
  • Y1 100%(1)
  • Y2 100%(1)
  • Y3 99%(0)
  • Y4 95%(0)
  • Y5 100%(1)
  • Y6 96%(0)

Well done to Y5 and YN this week for excellent attendance.

Ashleigh’s outdoor idea

I enjoyed hearing all about the outdoor activities our children have been doing with their families. This week I would like you to pick some blackberries and make something at home with them. This could be jam, crumble, even a tie dye t-shirt or something else. Share a picture on your class Facebook page.

Achievement Awards

Kindness champions – Katie Russell

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