School Newsletter

Children love our storytelling pod and we’re planning for Christmas! It’s been all change since Monday in early years following our review of the ‘bubbles’. The children in Carly’s key worker group have been exploring and engaging well in their amazing new environment. This building came from our application to the Department for Education who gave us £100K to provide some extra nursery space that we can use for additional focus on language development. Once our Covid issues recede we can then start using it in the way in which it was intended but until then we can definitely see how much the children in nursery love it.

And in the main building the extra space has meant they have very carefully been able to do their first batch of individual cooking. Baking bread just smells sooooo good!

Harvest collection

Please remember that we are collecting foods for harvest. The class facebook pages have a range of different foods that the local food bank is collecting and we are providing plastic crates at the front of school for you to put donations into. We plan to have a harvest assembly on Friday the 13th November and will take donations until Friday the 20th November. All donations will be going to the Centre for Hope who provide a great service with the local community food bank.

Emergency Contact details

Please ensure that you inform the school office if any of your phone number or addresses change. It’s vital that we are able to contact you urgently in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Christmas plans

We are very aware as a school team that some of the usual Christmas celebration visits to Santa, grotto visits and trips to Fenwick’s window, pantomimes and theatres and other treats will not be the same this year. While we can’t provide anything for the children to come to with parents, we can provide a special event, and are working up plans to create our very own ‘Winter Wonderland’ complete with the festive necessities like Santa’s grotto, some dramatic performing and making great use of our fabulous outdoor area. All this will be risk assessed to ensure that bubbles in school stay separated, but they will be able to have something special to look forward to in the last week
of the school term. I’ve added a few pictures below of the grotto from last year.

Any help welcome!

We would love to hear if any local businesses might feel able to sponsor some or all of the day. We can put on a lot more if we have more funding readily available, so if any parents or family members work with business partners who would like to contribute, we have asked Angela Hall our marketing manager to be in charge of fundraising. We all need something to look forward to…so it gave us a frisson of excitement when we starting to think of the possibilities. And it’s been busy getting quotes in now – but those of you who have been with us a while will know we love to put on something really special for the children, and especially so this year. Watch this space for updates.

Covid update

Following the DfE release of guidelines on Wednesday this week we would respectfully ask that similar to all shops, and other places of work that you wear a mask when entering the school grounds from Monday 9th November.

This is to keep our staff safe and minimise potential transmission when parents are speaking to staff about the children. Thank you for understanding.

Nursery class

From Monday the 9th November, Carly Carr our wonderful nursery teacher will be shielding following yesterday’s government advice. The children will be led by Lisa Brown and Gemma Sutton from Monday who have both spent time with the children this week and are both experienced practitioners.

Flu immunisations at school

We will be vaccinating pupils on Tuesday next week with the nasal flu vaccination. Please note that if you have not completed and returned the NHS consent letters, or the NHS team does not have a letter, your child will not receive the

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YN 96%(0)
  • YR 100%(1)
  • Y1 100%(0)
  • Y2 97%(0)
  • Y3 96%(1)
  • Y4 95%(0)
  • Y5 92%(1)
  • Y6 92%(0)

Well done to YR and Y1 this week for excellent attendance.

Ashleigh’s outdoor idea

It’s that time of year when the tree leaves change colour and fall from the trees. This week I would like you to hunt for as many different leaves as you can find from a variety of types of trees. We are going to cover them in bee’s wax to preserve them and create an identification station to help us to learn about our different trees.

Forest school badge awards

Achievement Awards

Kindness champions – Nursery Class

Forest School Badges

The following children have been awarded Forest School badges this week:

Year 1

Tool badge – Annabelle Lister, Max Morrison, Lily Morgan-Derby
Nature badge – Avie Morrow, Maisie Owen

Year 2
Shelter badge – Annee Coates-Brown, Carter Merrett, Elliot Page
Animal Welfare badge – James Dunning, Elliott Hopkinson, Lily Norman

Year 3
Nature badge – Jacob Deacon, Jessica Gorton, Francesca Vivian, Megan Finlay, Maisie Morrison
Animal Welfare badge – Willow Armstrong-Miles, Maddy Dickinson, Daisy Harvey

Year 4
Shelter badge – Emily Morgan, Jay Wells, Jack Rowell, Zara Wallace
Animal Welfare badge – Amelia Tobin, Emily Taws-Bertram, Antonio Atzeni, Jessica Dack, Kevin
Kilpatrick, Ruby Lewis

Year 5
Our World badge – Ashveer Singh, Louis Archbold, Marley Gibbon, Isabelle Aitchison, Lola Welford
Animal Welfare badge – Aaron Hall, Mia Morrow, Katherine Doris, Ben Drake, Miles Straker

Year 6
Tool badge – Connor Mitchell, Lulu Usher, James Drake, Niamh Gorham, Joseph Collins, Daniel
Brogan, Erin Hamilton
Fire badge – Gam Khamwattana, Ethan Vaughan, Finley Hill, Poppy Black

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